Four Ways Businesses Are Behind the Technology Curve

Generally speaking, small business are slow to adopt new technology. We all know it: We see the mom-and-pop shop that still takes orders over the phone, writes everything down on paper and doesn’t t

What Are the Benefits Of Barcodes?

For more than 40 years barcodes have saved people of the world countless hours in line at their local grocery store, but today barcodes can be found outside of the cereal isle and on the warehouse f

Poor Supply Chain Management Is Killing Apparel Brands Like Banana Republic

Traditional apparel companies in the United States are in trouble, and one big reason why is their slow adaption to the new world order of supply chain management. Put simply, many top brands are do

Barcode Labeling During the Busiest Shipping Season

With the ‘most wonderful time of the year wrapping up, so is the end of the busiest shipping time all over the globe. Like most years, shippers had predicted a record number of deliveries for this h

What Kind of Barcode Would Work Best For Your Company?

We’ve all seen the barcode labels affixed to products with their parallel lines and mysterious digits or patterns made up of dots, squares and even hexagons. When these mysterious bars and lines are

How Your Small Business Can Build Better Omnichannel ROI

Macy’s is one retail giant that expertly executes omnichannel experiences. How do they do it? With metrics - because numbers don’t lie. The company’s digital sales efforts boosted last year’s fourth

Santa's Inventory Management Elves

It’s holiday season, and one of the enduring images that returns to us around this time is that of Santa, a sleigh piled high with presents, hurtling across the country, and the world, to deliver gi

5 Challenges For Supply Chain and E-Commerce Growth

Thanks to the World Wide Web, the way we shop, pay and how long we’re willing to wait for delivery have changed in every imaginable way. Blame it on Amazon and it's ability to get customers every co

How to Prepare for Holiday Returns the Season

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season doesn’t end for retailers when the holidays do. Instead of settling down, businesses need to pick it up and prepare for post-holiday returns. Whether the

Avoiding Asset Management Mishaps In Schools

How poor asset management can affect school beyond budgetary matters School seems so much different in this modern era than it did in my childhood! Children appear to learn so much more in much les

Lehigh Valley Is the New E-Commerce Capital

Thanks to your late-night online shopping habits, development in an area in upstate Pennsylvania called Lehigh Valley and sometimes colloquially referred to as just “The Valley,” has surged astronom

North Pole Prep; How Does Santa Do It?

How Santa Prepares for His Big Night with Barcodes He’s making a list, and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. With millions of children to deliver toys to in one night, Santa

Preparing For An Asset Audit

How to Prepare for an Annual Audit You may dread the annual audit because it is a big and potentially expensive and disruptive undertaking for you and your employees. You may even completely dread th

How Inventory Management Prepares Your Warehouse for the Holiday Blitz

With the holidays less than two months away, retailers have already swapped out spooky masks, jack-o-lanterns, and candy corn for holly, garland, and ornaments for the upcoming holiday shopping seas

Year-End Liquidation: 7 Ways to Move Your Excess Inventory

All year long, your business prepares for the holiday season. It’s the “make-or-break” time of the year, and you need to make it count. Business can’t stop once the elves retire for another year and

How to Beat the Holiday Rush with Inventory Management

As soon as those sleigh bells start ringing, small businesses know one thing is coming: the holiday rush. While this time of year brings substantial revenue growth, it can also bring daunting challe

How To Prepare Your Small Business For Cyber Monday

Somewhere between back to school and Halloween, it begins. It may only be a store or two at first, but before all the treats are handed out and the ghosts and goblins are stored away, it’s an epidem

6 Ways To Eliminate The Hard-to-Get Holiday Toy

The pet rock. Cabbage Patch Kids. Nintendo. Tickle Me Elmo. Furbee. iPods. And this year, the Hatchimal. Ah, those hard-to-get holiday toys of the past. Every year it was something different. And e

Walmart Is Addressing Inventory Problems With a New System

How Walmart’s My Productivity app controls inventory  Even giants can be brought down to their knees, as proven in Walmart’s mammoth fall in 2013 when $3 billion went down the drain, thanks to year

How to Prepare Your Warehouse For the Holiday Rush

Think about all the shopping you do in the winter months to have gifts ready for the holiday rush. Multiply those purchases by the millions of people who are doing the same across the country and yo

The Rise of Barcode Scanners and How We Got Here

Just take a look around anywhere you go and you’ll likely find barcode labels, with their narrow and wide parallel lines, mysterious digits and patterns made up of dots, squares and even hexagons, a

How Amazon Prepares for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

No other retail company does more business during a more crucial stretch than Amazon does on Cyber Monday. In 2015, Amazon generated 36 percent of all online sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving,

Four Time Management Strategies For Your Business to Adopt

One of the biggest problems that individuals face, and that companies big and small must deal with as a result, is how to manage their time when on the clock. In a perfect world, everybody would wor

How An Online Dollar Store Can Use Supply Chain Control

Visit any city and you’ll find, alongside pharmacies and big box chains and retail stores that specialize in a particular niche, the ubiquitous dollar store, selling seemingly every item under the s

How NFL Teams Make Sure There Are No Asset Glitches On Game Day

We’re now in the middle of NFL season, which means that Sundays (and Mondays, and Thursdays) are now almost completely dedicated to the arduous task of eating wings and watching football. Fans acros

Asset Management Horror Stories

Do you know how much your assets are costing you? If you aren't using asset management tracking software, you probably don’t and it can be the start of your own asset management horror story. That’

Spooky Things That Can Happen If You Don’t Track Your Inventory

So you didn’t buy enough Halloween candy. The neighborhood children are out in droves and they keep ringing your doorbell and reciting the obligatory “Trick or Treat,” and you keep answering the doo

What is a Ghost Asset?

A fixed asset is a long-term piece of property that is used in the production of income, such as office equipment, machinery, vehicles or real estate. Considering that fixed assets are normally some

Barcodes and Asset Management Along the Global Supply Chain

With manufacturers maintaining operations across borders and continents and working with a wider array of smaller companies and suppliers to develop, manufacture, and distribute products, it is cruc

7 Ways Small Businesses Can Compete With Large Retailers

When we think about shopping in the modern era, the names of big-box retailers and online shopping giants often come to mind, whether it’s the Black Friday deals of Amazon or the discounts offered b

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