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Asset Inventory Management Built to Save Resources

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banking inventory software

Inventory Management Systems

Gain fast control of your equipment and stock levels with Wasp inventory software. Save valuable time spent searching for inventory and get your product out while it's fresh.

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AssetCloud Banking

Asset Tracking Systems

Easily track expensive assets, from shovels to tractors. Keep your farms, storage facilities, and distribution centers prepared for every season.

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Key Benefits
No matter your position, proper inventory and asset management makes your farm a more productive place.

It's All About Efficiency

Stop worrying about wasting resources or time that can substantially impact your budgets, and ensure your banks have all the resources they need to remain as efficient as possible.

No more wasted resources

Make sure you are spending your funds only where they are needed and ensure nothing goes to waste.

Information is Power

Quickly know what items you’re running low on, know what orders have not shipped yet, and receive alerts on important inventory information. Go from chaos to control in a matter of days!

Take the task out of multi-tasking

Finding supplies, pulling orders, serving customers and logging your time, all tasks that use to take hours, can now be completed in minutes. Your job will be easier, and you’ll be able to improve the confidence your customers have in you.

Feature Rich Hardware That Boosts Efficiency!
This equipment keeps your assets in line.

Barcode Scanners

Wasp Barcode Scanners are known for their quality, proven reliability, ergonomic design, and ease of use. Wasp offers a comprehensive range of barcode scanners.

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Mobile Computers

Wasp Barcode mobile computers are designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Featuring durable design & reliable technology, these are ideal for asset tracking and management in a banking environment.

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Barcode Printers

Wasp Barcode Printers are an excellent addition to any bank or branch. Available in various sizes and print capacity, Wasp barcode provides a wide variety of printers for your needs.

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Customer Success

Johnson Financial Group

The Client: Johnson Financial Group

The Challenge: Johnson Financial Group relied on a spreadsheet and manual updates to track more than 8,000 pieces of leased IT equipment. This process proved to be tedious, unorganized, and often led to inaccurate reporting and excess spending on late fees and shipping charges.

The Solution: Wasp MobileAsset helped Johnson Financial save time previously spent searching for missing IT equipment and logging manual updates. Late fees and shipping costs for rental equipment ceased since assets are now easy to locate and consolidated for shipping.

The Result: Thanks to Wasp Asset Tracking, 400 labor hours saved each year and 8,000 less in late fees and shipping costs.

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