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Wasp Tracks What Matters to You

Up and down the supply chain Wasp solutions can be found - from the warehouse to the showroom floor - because we design tracking systems that just flat out work.
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- Our Mission -

Provide straightforward, error-free tracking methods that make our customers’ lives easier.

- Our Beginning -

Our modest start began in Plano, Texas, in 1994 with the launch of our first product, the Wedge Advanced Software Product. From that product came our name, Wasp, but more than that, from that product came the beginning of our evolution.

- Our Evolution -

The wedge was a simple product, but the product solved a fundamental business problem that caused a wealth of operational inefficiency and data inaccuracy for most organizations. Basically, the wedge did then what barcode scanners and their corresponding barcode software commonly do today. Maybe not that impressive by today’s tech standards, but back then the wedge was the bee’s knees.

As the wedge quickly took off, we immediately recognized the best way to grow our business was to continue to develop solutions that help others grow theirs. With that mantra in mind, we identified that most asset management and inventory tracking systems were designed (and priced) for large enterprises – leaving practically everyone else to their own devices. Typically, that meant using either pen and paper or spreadsheets. Even for small businesses – as we found from our own experience – those methods are challenging to maintain. And if you’re growing, forget about it.

From that point forward, Wasp made its mission to make business easier to do – for everyone. From the small shop just trying to keep track of parts to the budding mid-level manufacturer trying to keep up with demand, Wasp wanted to be the company these businesses turned to for reasonable priced, easy-to-implement asset and inventory tracking solutions. However, that was just part of our vision.

- Our Vision -

No matter what vertical a business resides within. No matter what function or clients the business serves. No matter the scale of the operation or the speed at which the business grows. Wasp will be there to provide tracking solutions that keep business moving.


Launched 1st Cloud-Based Asset Tracking Software


Wasp YouTube Reaches 1 Million Views


Wasp's 60th Anniversary of the Barcode featured in Reader's Digest


Wasp Named Best Channel Vendor by Business Solutions Magazine


Wasp Wins Inc. 5000 Awards


Wasp Named #7 in VaR Top 50 POS Leaderboard


International Expansion with Offices in London


WaspTrack Inventory and Asset Tracking Solution Launch


Wasp Expandeds into Retail Verticle


Wasp Established

Over 500,000 Customers Chose Wasp for Their Tracking Needs



Hewlett Packard



Lockheed Martin


US Air Force

Mercedes Benz


US Navy

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