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Tracking Mandates Made Easier

Keep Track of Everything Your Agency Spends Money On

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Inventory & Supply Management

Gain fast control of your inventory and stock levels with Wasp inventory software. Save valuable time spent searching for inventory and respond to tax payers faster than ever.

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AssetCloud Government

Complete Asset Tracking Systems

Easily track expensive assets from emergency equipment to ballot boxes. Never worry about being unprepared or under-equipped.

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Key Benefits
How Inventory Control Benefits Your Business

It's All About Efficiency

Stop worrying about wasting resources or time that can substantially impact your budget. With Wasp, all of your employees will always have exactly what they need to get their job done.

No Guesswork In Tracking Equipment and Supplies

From salt and snow plows to shovels and cranes, make sure that your municipality has everything it needs and find out when you’re running low!

Information is Power!

Quickly know what items you’re running low on and where all of your assets are.

Take the task out of multi-tasking

Wasp software is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that the fixed assets your government is investing in are being tracked and maintained properly.

Hardware Your Citizens Can Rely On!
This equipment handles what you throw at it.

Barcode Scanners

Wasp Barcode Scanners are known for their quality, proven reliability, ergonomic design, and ease of use. Wasp offers a comprehensive range of barcode scanners.

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Mobile Computers

Wasp Barcode mobile computers are designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Featuring durable design & reliable technology, ideal for asset tracking in high volume government environments.

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Barcode Printers

Wasp Barcode Printers are designed for the small business market. Available in various sizes and print capacity, Wasp barcode provides a wide variety of printers for your needs.

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Customer Success

Hays County

The Client: Hays County

The Challenge: The Hays County Elections Division typically spent several days preparing equipment for elections. Voting booths, security seals and other equipment was tracked manually in a spreadsheet, which led to errors and wasted time.

The Solution: With Wasp MobileAsset, the Elections Division reduced election prep time and resources required to put polls in place accurately. in place. Employees may now work independently, completing twice the work in less than half the time. Election assets are absolutely accurate and ready to withstand stringent state audits.

The Result: 3-4 days prep time then. Under 1 day prep time now. 100% Asset accuracy.

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