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Cloud-Based Inbound
Package Tracking Software

Package Tracker follows packages from the time they arrive at your door, until they are delivered and signed for by the intended recipient, eliminating lost packages and wasted time searching for packages.

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Package Tracker Software and Online Tracking Systems

Stop wasting time searching for packages after they have been delivered to your facility. Package Tracker tracks packages from the time they arrive at your door, until they are delivered and signed for by the intended recipient, eliminating lost packages and wasted time searching for packages.

Package Tracker Inbound Tracking Service Enables You To:

  • Immediately access package information. Items can be located in real time, anywhere in the delivery process. Quickly know who has which package, where it is, when it was received in the building, estimated delivery, and other information.
  • Increase efficiency and accountability. With automated inbound package tracking, an item's delivery cycle (receipt, routing status, and final proof of delivery) is significantly streamlined. Someone is accountable for each item throughout the routing process.
  • Improve data accuracy. Since the receiving process is electronic instead of manual, human errors are virtually eliminated. Repeatability and process compliance are substantially enhanced. Your management record accuracy is greatly improved and you can capture much more information.
  • Lower operating cost. Labor costs are reduced with automation- data entry time and processing cost are reduced. Reorder costs due to lost or stolen items become profitability savings.
  • Items are delivered faster. Time spent searching for packages, communicating with recipients and re-ordering items for delivery are drastically cut. Employees can spend their time on productive and profitable activities instead of resolving logistics issues.
  • Recipient email notification. Email notifications can be sent to package recipients directly from the Package Tracker software.

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Deliver packages through the mailroom repository faster to the people waiting for them

Free 30-Day Trial


Know exactly when a package arrived, who received and signed for it, where it is at, and ultimately when the end recipient signed for it

Free 30-Day Trial

Package Tracker Features

  • Package receipt
  • Package delivery
  • Designed for use with barcode scanners, signature pads, & label printers
  • Barcode label printing for packages with no barcode
  • Search functionality
  • Electronic signature capture POD (date & time for receipt and delivery)
  • Import recipients, locations, and sites
  • Multiple packages delivery processing
  • Backup/restore of data
  • Microsoft Windows CE/Mobile support
  • Mobile wireless handheld receipt and delivery
  • Remote synchronization
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Branding customization
  • Dashboard management
  • Reports
  • Lookups by Carrier tracking #, mailrooms, locations, package types, users, recipients
  • Custom fields (20 total)
  • Routing priority manifest
  • E-mail receipt notification with customizable message
  • Photo image capturing of package condition
  • Print/Export data in CSV/XML format
  • Customizable field names


Reduce human errors, misplacement, and loss of packages.

Free 30-Day Trial


Reduce time looking for packages or reordering the items.

Free 30-Day Trial
    • Package Tracker Standard
      1 Year

    • £449 ex VAT / User

    • 30-Day Trial
    • Package Tracker Professional
      1 Year

    • £649 ex VAT / User

    • 30-Day Trial

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