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Wasp MobileAsset asset management systems make it simple to track your organization’s valuable assets from software and fixed assets, to IT equipment, & tools.  Instantly locate any asset, conduct audits, eliminate wasted time spent searching for items and unnecessary expenses to replace lost assets.  Free support and “getting started” training is included with Wasp asset management solutions

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Asset Tracking or Inventory Tracking?

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    The first step in finding a system is to understand whether you are dealing with assets or inventory. Assets are "permanent" objects that a business uses internally, such as IT equipment, computers, tools, or educational material. Although employees may check the object in or out to go out on an assignment, or even use at home, an asset ultimately belongs to the company and must be returned to the company. Inventory, however, refers to objects that are sold, distributed, or otherwise consumed by a company. These "temporary" objects include retail items and office supplies. To begin, compare your objects with the chart below to determine what kind of solution is right for you.

    Description Assets Inventory
    Objects used internally, such as computers, tools, and educational materials Checkmark
    Track depreciation of company property Checkmark
    Track maintenance on company equipment Checkmark
    Objects are for sale or resale Checkmark
    Ability to track/monitor reorder levels Checkmark
    Objects are “temporary” and/or often replaced, such as paper, pens, and other consumables Checkmark
    Employees may check objects in and out Checkmark Checkmark
  • Which system do you need?       Asset    Inventory

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What are Assets?

  • Every company uses hundreds of assets on a daily basis. An “asset” is any item that a business uses internally, such as IT equipment, office equipment, tools, educational materials, etc. Wasp asset tracking software can accurately and efficiently manage any asset you choose to put in the system. Rather than wasting time searching for and replacing lost assets, you can now keep track of all your valuable assets with a convenient, easy-to-use complete asset tracking solution. In addition to IT equipment, tools, and objects, you can also track software licenses and contracts.

    Commonly tracked assets include:
    IT equipment Laptops
    Office equipment Instruments
    Pieces of evidence Videos
    Medical equipment School material
    Shared tools And much more!
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