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Fixed IT Asset Management

Complete insight into the full life cycle management of your IT assets, for effortless and accurate tracking.
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Key Benefits

Streamlined Audits

Reduce fixed asset audit time by up to 80%, while practically eliminating common errors associated with spreadsheets.

Centralized Visibility

Never purchase duplicate assets again, with custom reports you always know what you have and who has it.


AssetCloud, for IT equipment, is a cloud based tracking system that incorporates all of the necessary software and hardware components needed to manage all IT assets. With IT equipment dispatched to many different stations and employees across your network, AssetCloud tracks cost, usage, product details and location effortlessly and accurately. Asset Cloud provides insight to the full life cycle management of your IT assets. This allows you to make important, strategic, financial, contractual and inventory related decisions for your organizations IT assets.

AssetCloud improves the asset tracking process by saving time and eliminating data-entry errors associated with manual processes. AssetCloud uses barcode scanning capabilities which allows everything from deploying laptops to performing a system wide audit to be accomplished more quickly and accurately. Track when IT assets are checked out, view which assets are in for repairs and see who has received assets in the past. This increases accountability and ensures compliance with company policies and procedures.

Customer Success

Excell Data

The Client: Excell Data

The Challenge: Excell deploys hundreds of computing assets among its workforce across the United States and retires a number of aging IT assets each year. As the company and its assets grew, detailed information was not recorded correctly, and it became increasingly difficult to track where and with whom each asset resided. Excell’s IT manager was tracking IT assets with a spreadsheet to record serial numbers, location and the responsible party for each piece of equipment.

The Solution: After implementing a Wasp tracking solution, Excell saw results right away. "A process that previously required five to ten minutes per office now can be completed in less than two minutes," said Maurice Fuller, Executive director of Operations for Excell. "Since it’s fast and accurate, the software allows our technicians to get more work done, yielding several thousand dollars of annual labor savings." The Wasp tracking solution provided Excell real-time visibility into the status and location of all IT assets, and automated how various assets are aging and depreciating.

The Result: 80% reduction in audit time and thousands of dollars of labor expenses saved.

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