Reduce Tool Costs with RFID Tool and Equipment Tracking

Initially, most companies start out tracking their tools manually via clipboards, whiteboards, or spreadsheets. As the company grows, so too does their need for a more accurate solution to minimize no

How to Track Assets and Inventory while Offline

Organizations across the globe need a way to keep track of their assets and stock levels in any situation or environment – including internet connectivity dead zones, areas with connectivity restricti

Scanning Labels for Extreme Temperatures

Whether you keep your inventory in small, temperature-controlled warehouses, or your inventory is subjected to harsh environments filled with extreme heat, freezing temperatures, sunlight, sand, chemi

How to Choose the Best Scanning Labels for Your Business

Scanning labels, or barcode labels, are used in a wide variety of applications in businesses across the world. From inventory and asset management, to ticketing, retail, patient identification and advertising, the versatility of scanning labels is limitless. As you begin the process of selecting scanning labels for your business, you’ll soon discover the vast array of options available. Our Wasp label team can help identify the best possible label for your specific application at a fair price. We offer a complete lineup of stock and custom labels to affordably satisfy all of your labeling needs.

How an Asset Management Solution Can Help You Tackle the 5 Biggest Property Management Challenges

Property managers can use AssetCloud, our cloud-based asset management solution, to enjoy visibility, traceability and accountability for all of your assets, regardless of their location. AssetCloud supports a variety of residential and commercial property types, and can be scaled up or down, depending on your property portfolio size.  Not only that, but property managers can use AssetCloud to tackle even their toughest challenges. Visit to request a free demo.

How Effective Inventory Management Protects Healthcare Workers and Patients

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, healthcare facilities across the world are running out of the necessary supplies to save lives.  InventoryCloud by Wasp Barcode Technologies is a cloud-based software that will help the healthcare industry, small- to medium-sized businesses and others maintain vital supplies. The minimum/maximum stock level feature will allow your business to establish minimum thresholds to safeguard against running too low on vital inventory. If you’re one of the many organizations still utilizing manual spreadsheets, or pen and paper to track your inventory, contact Wasp Barcode Technologies and learn about InventoryCloud.

Reduce Costly Payroll Errors with a Time Management Solution

The first job I ever had growing up was for a small air conditioner repair company. I was 17 years old, and my primary responsibility was to answer the phone and schedule appointments. On my first da

E-Commerce Boom Spurs Need for Better Labeling Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly shifted e-commerce in 2020, maybe more than any other time in history. While traditional retail sales continue to decline, online sales have skyrocketed. Par f

How a Centralized Maintenance Schedule Can Help Schools Avoid Health Hazards

The health and safety of students and staff is top-of-mind for every parent, teacher, and school administrator as students prepare to re-enter classrooms this fall. To accomplish this, school distric

How Centralized PPE Management Protects Students and Faculty

As schools across the country reopen for in-person classes, school administrators are facing new challenges as they work to keep students, teachers, and staff safe in the middle of a global pandemic. One question on every school safety or compliance officer’s mind is: How will we ensure every school, classroom, and staff member has adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves and students safe?<br> <br> PPE on each school’s must-have list includes masks, face shields, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and thermometers. And that’s only the beginning. Schools are also stocking up on essentials such as soap, paper towels, tissue, no-touch/foot pedal trash cans, sneeze guards and partitions.<br> <br> With so many items to source, purchase, allocate, distribute, track, and keep in stock, it’s no wonder why so many school districts have delayed in-person re-openings. Schools are grappling with the need to ensure they are fully prepared to safely welcome teachers and students back into their classrooms, which is why an <a href="">inventory management solution</a> is vital to ensure the health and safety of students and faculty. Learn more at <a href=""></a>.

How Is Your Local School District Tracking Assigned Chromebooks?

Almost every school district is providing Chromebooks to students and teachers for virtual learning. Without an automated tracking solution in place to track these devices, Chromebooks are getting lost and costing school districts millions. AssetCloud, an asset tracking system from Wasp Barcode Technologies, can help. With AssetCloud, you simply scan the barcode on each Chromebook when it &nbsp;is issued to assign it to the appropriate individual. Once this information has been captured, you have the ability to track all your assets with a simple check-in/check-out process.

Say Goodbye to Lost or Misplaced Packages in the Workplace

Businesses receive many packages in the mail throughout the day which can easily be lost or misplaced. How are they tracking them? Package Tracker from Wasp Barcode Technologies can help. It eliminates the wasted time searching for packages after they have been delivered to your facility. Email notifications can be sent to package recipients directly from the Package Tracker software, which enables the recipient to pick up a package immediately upon arrival.

How Will Your Customers Track the IT You Sell Them?

Finding an accurate and efficient solution to manage and track company-assigned assets to remote workforces is a new business challenge, brought to light by the COVID-19 pandemic. AssetCloud by Wasp Barcode Technologies is a barcode tracking software specifically designed to track company-owned IT assets. It could help businesses stop asset loss and increase profitability. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;

Infographic: Stop Loss and Increase Profitability with AssetCloud

Times have changed and companies need to adapt to the new way of doing business. That includes modifying their processes and systems to remain competitive and profitable. See how AssetCloud from Wasp

Cutting Edge Inventory Management Could Solve Supply Chain Issues

It’s only been a few months since the COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it. Yet, our normal day to day routines, which we all took for granted, seem like a distant memory. This new environmen

The Importance of Asset Tracking in Schools

Many of us can remember the days when classrooms only consisted of chalkboards, textbooks, and number two pencils. Today, a lot has changed. Classrooms now include Chromebooks, laptops and smart board

Does Your Strategic Stockpile Pass the "Sniff Test"?

It was shortly after an F4 tornado ripped through the nearby community of Rowlett, Texas, in December 2015 that I decided I needed to create a reserve of food, water and other essentials. I observed f

Turn Your Asset Tagging Service into a Revenue Generator

Are you providing an asset tagging service for your clients? If so, how are you delivering the data to them? Maybe it’s in hard copy form on the packing list or in a digital format. I’ve asked this q

Inventory Management Methods To Cure Your Business Growing Pains

Nobody knew more about business growing pains than Paul Huffaker, Vice President of  Racesource Inc., a company that customizes vehicle components for the racing industry, particularly for the monst

What Target’s Faster Supply Chain Strategy Means for Your Inventory

Target CEO Brian Cornell’s plans to expand the Target brand through doing something somewhat counter intuitive: going small. Or as Cornell puts it, the company is “reimagining our network of stores

Why You Should Introduce Barcodes To Your Small Business

Handwritten tags on merchandise in a small shop is something of a novelty. It lends an air to the place not typically found in larger stores or big-name departments. It’s also horribly inefficient.

The Scanner Series: Barcode Scanners In Education

As any teacher, administrator, or manager in an education setting knows, there is much more to education than simply putting students and educators in the same room. Whether we’re talking middle s

Past Due: The Impact of Late Invoices On Small Businesses

You sent the invoice along with the finished product and set the deadline for payment to be received: 30 days. A month came, went, and what never arrived? Payment. A week passed, then another, the

The Scanner Series: Barcode Scanners In the Healthcare Industry

One of the most overlooked technologies in all of healthcare is that of the barcode and barcode scanner. No one will deny that, in case of an emergency, medicine and medical tools and proper diagno

Barcode Printers: What You Need To Know Before You Decide What You Need To Buy

You decided you want more control over your work environment, or you need a better handle on your assets and inventory, or you want an easier way to keep track of patients. Whatever your reason, you

How Important Inventory and Asset Management Are To Your Supply Chain

In the competitive world of business, companies are beginning to realize how crucial supply chain management is to maintaining a competitive advantage, along with attaining total transparency and pe

How 'Buy Online, Pickup In Store' Can Work For Your Small Business

In order to stem the tide of ecommerce sales that have changed the face of modern retail, lots of big-box stores and local retailers with an online presence are now offering “buy online, pickup in s

How To Handle the Summer Festival Scene With Asset and Inventory Management

More than 30 million people normally travel, camp, pay, and wait for hours in blazing temperatures to see their favourite performers on summer tours. That many screaming fans must put an incredible

7 New Trends In The World Of Warehousing

Like many other industries, warehousing is being completely transformed by advances in technology and new workplace trends. And where warehousing goes, related spaces like retail, supply chain mana

How Barcodes Are Powering Our Favorite Summer Events

In many ways, so much of the fun we’re slated to have this summer, and many summers to come, is brought to you by barcodes. If you aren’t intimately familiar with barcodes, you might think that’s

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