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The Importance of Asset Tracking in Schools

The Importance of Technology in Schools

Many of us can remember the days when classrooms only consisted of chalkboards, textbooks, and number two pencils. Today, a lot has changed. Classrooms now include Chromebooks, laptops and smart boards as part of the learning environment. While the technology brings plenty of innovation to the educational space, it also brings to light an important question: How do schools keep track of these expensive assets?

Unfortunately, many institutions still rely on labor intensive, error prone manual processes and spreadsheets to keep tabs on their valuable items. However, there are many risks associated with this approach. Questions schools must often consider include:

  • Are we able to gather the necessary data to pass annual audits performed by state and local entities?
  • Do we know the physical location of each asset?
  • When students leave the school district or change schools what happens to their devices?
  • Are you properly tracking the use of your title funds & grants?
  • Are we able to perform regularly required maintenance?

These are just a few of the considerations. Fortunately, an asset tracking solution can help educational institutions better control budgets, spend less time on audits and reporting, and purchase technology only when necessary.

Wasp Barcode Technologies has developed AssetCloud to help schools track vital information like asset location, cost, depreciation, maintenance, funding sources, and more. As title funds and grants are allocated for activities, school equipment and projects, each school can keep a history of which funds were used to pay for each type of activity. If the school’s funding needs to be utilized by a certain date, the software will maintain all expiration dates so valuable money doesn’t go unallocated.

As our education system becomes increasingly dependent on technology and fiscal resources become scarcer, it is becoming critical for schools to have the ability to track, maintain and account for assets. Wasp Barcode Technologies can help.