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The price your organization pays for lost and unused equipment adds up quickly. AssetCloud eliminates that waste by efficiently tracking the equipment your business relies on with a simple and effective web-based interface. Any user in your organization can track equipment to know where an asset is located, if it is being repaired or who last checked the asset out.

AssetCloud currently manages equipment across hundreds of different industries including construction, manufacturing, law enforcement, fire departments, energy, restoration and the United States military. AssetCloud uses barcode scanning capabilities, which allows your organization to track equipment systemwide. By eliminating the manual process AssetCloud saves time and erases any data entry errors. AssetCloud increases accuracy and accountability while ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures.

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This software includes functionality to check out equipment, manage equipment location and then check the equipment back in.

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Beyond tracking highly valuable individual items, AssetCloud can also track and manage multi-quantity assets.

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Customer Success

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The Client: Lipscomb Fire and Rescue

The Challenge: Ensure the appropriate equipment is on the fire trucks and ready for the next emergency call.

The Solution: Lipscomb Fire and Rescue implemented a Wasp asset tracking system after regularly spending hours accounting for each piece of equipment by hand and then manually entering the data into the computer. Wasp's asset tracking system has reduced the amount of time spent tracking and restocking equipment on the trucks from one hour per run to less than 20 minutes per run.

The Result: By switching from a manual tracking system to Wasp’s asset tracking system, Lipscomb Fire and Rescue uses their equipment with confidence during life saving missions. Each fire truck is now properly stocked with regularly maintained equipment and is ready for the next emergency call with less time spent preparing tracks for each mission. "Since implementing a Wasp asset management solution, we have become safer, faster and more efficient," said Jamie Pugh, liaison officer for Lipscomb Fire and Rescue. "And when there is an emergency, the firefighters now know the equipment is there and they know exactly where it is on the truck."

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