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How to Track Assets and Inventory while Offline

Organizations across the globe need a way to keep track of their assets and stock levels in any situation or environment – including internet connectivity dead zones, areas with connectivity restrictions, and remote locations. Wasp’s tracking solutions can help. AssetCloud and InventoryCloud enable you to track your assets and inventory from anywhere, at any time, whether you’re online or offline. To learn more, view our infographic below. How to Track Assets and Inventory while Offline Infographic

How It Works

Simply tag your trackable items with appropriate labels and use your supported mobile device to scan your items. Your data will be stored locally on the device until you either re-establish an internet connection or dock the device in a secure ethernet cradle. At that time, the data will automatically upload to the software via the cloud or your private network, depending on your software type.


The ability to accurately track items while offline reduces downtime as well as eliminates concerns related to network status, signal strength, or interference. Other benefits include:
* Improved audit accuracy
* Automated reports
* Visibility for all your assets or inventory at any time, from anywhere
* No more lost inventory or assets
* Maximized productivity

We Can Help

If you are interested in exploring how offline mode can help your business and specific situation, request a free demo with one of our software experts today or call us at 866-547-9277.