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Retail Inventory Management

From the warehouse to the showroom, Wasp helps streamline your retail operations.
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Key Benefits

Perfect Pick Orders

Ensure you never disappoint your customers because of orders not shipping out on time or correctly with a Wasp inventory solution.

Centralized Stock Visibility

Increase efficiency with real time inventory data and ensure you don't lose business to unnecessary stock outs.


Customer satisfaction is #1 when it comes to the retail business. The ability a Wasp inventory solution provides you to avoiding running out of stock of a popular product as well as quickly determining how much you have in inventory and where it’s located could be the difference in keeping a happy customer or losing their business.

One of the biggest inventory problems retailers face is theft, whether it’s perpetrated by customers or employees. Without an accurate inventory management system companies often don’t know in a timely matter than items are going missing. With a Wasp inventory system you can quickly perform inventory audits or cycle counts with a mobile device and identify inventory discrepancies.

Customer Success

Sunglasses Shop

The Client: Sunglasses Shop

The Challenge: The Sunglasses Shop finds Excel more and more difficult to use for inventory management and running an efficient point-of-sale operation.

The Solution: By implementing a Wasp solution, the Sunglasses Shop was able to streamline point-of-sale transactions and continuously monitor stock levels, manage vendors, and issue purchase orders.

The Result: "I was hoping the system would pay for itself in a year, but realistically, it had more than paid for itself in just two months." - Daniel Puddick, Director of The Sunglasses Shop

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