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Stock Room Management System

Keep your employees supplied with the items they need to do their jobs effectively.
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Key Benefits

Reorder Points & Low Stock Alerts

Don’t be caught off guard by unexpected stock counts with Wasp inventory’s e-mail alerts for low stock items.

Centralized Visibility

Anybody with access and appropriate permissions can look and see what you have in stock and where it’s located at all times.


A Wasp inventory solution is a great for handling your stock room needs no matter how small or how large it may be. When inventory leaves your stockroom you have the ability to log what employee and/or department or location the supplies went to. Easily pull up historical information of who received what, when and how much so you know all the details of your stock consumption.

If people don’t have the necessary supplies when needed it costs a company both time and money that can’t be recovered. A Wasp inventory solution allows setting reorder alerts for when items reach low stock so you never get caught without the supplies your business needs. At the same time you can eliminate unnecessary spending for items you don’t need and aren’t being consumed frequently.

Customer Success

Oxford University

The Client: University of Oxford

The Challenge: Oxford upgraded their equipment and phones in all university buildings to VoIP systems. This ongoing process resulted in a large influx of stock, making it a challenge for the Telecom department to keep track of the quickly changing inventory.

The Solution: Wasp inventory gave the University of Oxford the ability to see the activity of each item in their system to easily track and invoice missing equipment during campus-wide VoIP transition.

The Result: Since implementation, University of Oxford gained 100% stock item status accuracy and saved 4 hours a week that was dedicated to manual tracking.

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