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Manufacturing Process Management

Improve line production and gain full oversight of materials inventory.
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Key Benefits

Create Assemblies

Effectively manage your bills of materials (BOM) parts inventory and determine which components need to be ordered for upcoming builds.

Streamlined Cycle Counts

Reduce cycle count time by up to 80% while using scan-centric audits that perform more quickly and accurately than manual counts that use spreadsheets or paper and pen.


An inventory system is crucial for manufacturers to save money and operate more efficiently. A Wasp inventory solution gives your business the power to effectively track your manufactured products from raw materials and parts to finished products to out the door.

Save time with the ability to easily see inventory of all available components and determine which components need to be ordered for upcoming builds. This also will reduce unnecessary spending on items that are well stocked.

Customer Success

The Client: Racesource Inc.

The Challenge: As Racesource grew, their existing spreadsheet-based system became time consuming and hard to manage. Not knowing what inventory was available, Racesource would often reorder or manufacture parts, causing them to incur unnecessary costs.

The Solution: By employing a Wasp inventory solution, Racesource was able to clearly label all inventory, which improved their billing, manufacturing, and reordering processes.

The Result: Racesource gained 52 man hours back to the business that used to be spent manually tracking parts. They have also saved approximately $8,000 annually that used to be spent reordering unnecessary parts.

WATCH: Wasp Inventory Gets Racesource Monster Results
Runtime: 1:52


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