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Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software

InventoryCloud’s mobility allows you to easily manage your organization's inventory - always and from practically anywhere.

Ultimate Mobility and Centralized Real-Time Data

Multi-Site Flexibility

Track inventory at as many sites as you choose – even globally. With InventoryCloud’s web-based solution you can manage inventory at as many sites as you need without needing all sites to be on the same network. Users can have permissions to access one, multiple, or all sites. Run reports on one site or multiple sites.

Mobile Ready

Performing inventory audits has never been easier. You can utilize InventoryCloud with iOS or Wasp mobile computer devices featuring Android. Maintain visibility over your inventory levels no matter where you go.

Instant Notifications

InventoryCloud allows you to receive notifications of events such as low inventory levels, expiring items, late orders, checked-out items past due, and more. These alerts can pop up in the application as well as sent out via email. InventoryCloud’s notification engine allows you to set custom triggers and avoid unnecessary stockouts.

Inventory Software

What Wasp Inventory Customers Say

"Our employees are just happy to have a system that works all of the time. We would definitely recommend Wasp and InventoryCloud and already have to others in our industry. We all liked the consistency of InventoryCloud. It is always reliable."

- Sean, Operations Manager - View Case Study

"Manually tracking inventory was an inefficient system that affected all locations. Now, our inventory is accurate and everyone is connected. Our whole process has been improved - and works effortlessly. I no longer have to wait for someone else’s information to do my job."

- Bryan, Inventory Analyst - View Case Study

"The system was extremely easy to use and the support from Wasp was incomparable when questions arose. I highly recommend Wasp’s solutions to anyone that is responsible for inventory control – regardless of technical experience - because it is so intuitive."

- Paul, Vice President - View Case Study

"InventoryCloud has incredible capabilities; I have already recommended it to another Big 12 school that came to our facility for a tour! Wasp customer service really stood out. We were able to easily request help to customize reports."

- Brittany, Graduate Assistant - View Case Study

"There’s so much money tied up in equipment, you really need to know and track your inventory. This system has saved tens of thousands of dollars, improved the repair process and made my job much more enjoyable. It’s easily paid for itself in less than six months."

- Lee, Parts Technician & Purchaser - View Case Study

"Financial regulations required us to have a robust stock control system while needing to know what should be reordered and where items were located across the city. Wasp was able to provide all of this with its unique barcode labeling solution."

- Jemima, IT Support Officer - View Case Study
Inventory App for iOS and Android

Let the App do the Math for You

InventoryCloud delivers a high-degree of flexibility in the management of product units of measure. Your organization can define global and product-specific unit of measure conversions that allow you to operate on your terms and the math conversion is handled by our software.

Real-Time 360-Degree View of Your Inventory

Take advantage of accurate, real-time customizable inventory reports. Wasp InventoryCloud allows you to build reports based on your individual needs. Wasp allows you to maximize your control and make data-driven decisions based on accurate reports.

Correct Inventory, Correct Location, Every Time

Keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple locations, anywhere in the world. Take advantage of inventory visibility to boost efficiency. With the iOS and Android applications combined with the web-based reporting, managing inventory effectively has never been easier.

Set Tiers and Automate Price Changes

Have overstock of an item or a customer set that needs special pricing? Setting up and managing pricing tiers is just a click away and allows you to ditch manual calculation and automates and tracks all pricing changes.

Customize to Your Terminology

Having software that defines fields that doesn’t fit your business is no longer an issue. Setting up and defining every field to fit your business is quick and easy. This allows you to reduce training time and employees no longer have to interpret field names.

Mobile Inventory Management

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Intuitive User Interface

InventoryCloud's user-friendly design allows for quick application onboarding to get your organization tracking faster.

Easily Manage Role-Based Privileges

Centralized management of user accounts, permissions, and security settings allows you to define role-based access rights for each user.

Consolidated Inventory Data

Add, view and manage inventory item information across multiple sites and locations within one application.

Custom Data Views and Terminology

Not only can you modify app terms to fit your business language, you can create and save custom data views that are pertinent to individual user needs and share the view across the organization.

Report Builder for Better BI

Along with InventoryCloud's many standard reports, you can build your own custom reports to ensure your organization has relevant, timely information about your inventory.

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