Why Choose a Package Tracking System for your Business


Most freight companies offer package tracking services that allow you to determine when a given package will be or has been delivered to your destination. However, in large premises, such as corporate buildings, college campuses or hospitals, packages can easily be lost even after they have been delivered by the freight company. Fortunately, you can prevent this problem through the use of an inbound package tracking system.

About Inbound Package Tracking Systems

An inbound package tracking system follows packages from the time they enter a given location until the time they reach their intended recipient. If a package doesn’t reach the appropriate recipient in a timely fashion, you can easily pinpoint the package’s current location using this system.

Advantages of Inbound Package Tracking with Wasp Package Tracker

Inbound package tracking solutions from Wasp Barcode Technologies eliminate the guesswork; making it easy to locate any package within your premises. Benefits of this service include:

  • Immediate information. At any time during the delivery  process, you can log into the system to determine a package’s current      location and estimated delivery time. In addition, as the package moves  through your site      the ultimate recipient will receive email notifications to keep him or her up-to-date on its progress.
  • Reduced expenses. Because fewer packages will be lost or stolen, an  internal package tracking system will save your business money.
  • Increased accountability. The package tracking system  keeps detailed records of each item’s journey through your site, holding individual employees accountable for handling all packages appropriately and passing them on as directed.
  • Increased efficiency. With an inbound package tracking system, the entire internal delivery process from the initial receipt to the final delivery is automated and streamlined for maximum efficiency.
  • Faster delivery.  The streamlining of the internal delivery process leads to much faster  processing of packages; thus, allowing the ultimate recipient to receive the package as quickly as possible. Furthermore, if a package is lost in      the shuffle, this electronic system makes it much easier to find the package and deliver it to the appropriate person.
  • Fewer errors. With Wasp’s internal delivery system, data is entered into the system electronically instead of manually. As a result, the chance of human error  is greatly reduced and the data found in the system is much more likely to be accurate.

In addition to providing the software necessary for an inbound packaging system, Wasp Barcode Technologies also offers hardware that can be paired with the system, such as mobile computers, barcode printers, and barcode scanners.

Implementing an inbound package tracking system virtually eliminates all internal delivery issues, making package delivery inside of larger premises much more efficient and cost-effective. With a Wasp package tracking system, you will no longer wonder what happens to your packages when they reach your site, nor will you spend hours searching for packages that have been lost somewhere along the way. Instead, you can track each package from the time it reaches the premises until its final delivery – ensuring all items reach their intended destinations on time.

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