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Wasp Barcode manufactures barcode software & productivity systems for small business. Products include barcode scanners, stock control software, barcode printers, asset tracking, time & attendance systems, and Point of Sale (ePOS) systems.

Barcode based data capture and tracking systems from Wasp help small business owners manage their companies more efficiently with improved productivity and profitability. All hardware and software systems are ready-to-use, right out of the box and are not scaled down versions of complicated enterprise products. With Wasp, small business owners and managers will spend less time learning new products and more time running their companies. For more than 20 years, Wasp has developed a loyal base of 250,000 customers.

Barcode Products & Systems
Barcode Scanners Industry-leading Barcode Scanners
Award-winning barcode scanners from Wasp Barcode are known for their quality, functionality and reliability. The range of barcode scanners include Bluetooth wireless barcode scanners, 2D barcode scanners, laser barcode scanners, & industrial barcode scanners.

Barcode Printers Label Barcode Printers
Wasp offers a complete line of barcode printers for all applications . Available in various sizes and print capacity, Wasp barcode printer solutions include: desktop thermal barcode printers and industrial thermal barcode printers, with supporting barcodes labels, barcode ribbons and other barcode printer supplies.

Inventory Software & Inventory Tracking Stock Control Software & Management
Gain stock visibility and management of your stock with Wasp stock control systems. Reduce inventory stock outs. Manage stock reorder levels. Check in / check out. Stock control software & management systems include stock control software and bundles with mobile computers.

Asset Tracking Asset Tracking Software & Management
Wasp MobileAsset asset tracking software puts you in control of your asset management needs, fixed assets, IT asset management, software tracking and more. Complete asset management systems include asset tracking software, a mobile computer, and an asset tag printer.

Barcode SoftwareBarcode Software
Wasp's first product was a type of barcode software and the heritage continues today with a range of barcode software solutions. Use barcode software to create barcodes for print or inclusion in documents like invoices. Or use the barcode software included with solutions such as stock control management & asset management. Wasp barcode label software makes it easy to start barcoding, create barcodes, and add a barcode to any important document.

Time and Attendance Time & Attendance Systems
Decrease the cost and frustration of a manual employee timekeeping setup with WaspTime. Eliminate buddy punching. Reduce employee time tracking errors, and decrease payroll processing time and effort. Time and attendance systems include time & attendance software combined with biometric time clocks, RFID time clocks, and barcode time clocks.

Point of Sale ePOS Software & Systems
Optimized for single retail locations, Wasp Complete ePOS (electronic Point-of-Sale) systems provides a system like a big company without the big business costs. Wasp QuickStore ePOS software is available separately or as a complete hardware ePOS system.





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This system has saved tens of thousands of dollars, improved the repair process andÖ. Itís easily paid for itself in less than six months.
— Precision Drilling


After looking online at different tracking systems, we decided Wasp was the best solution because it fit our needs perfectly.
— University of Oxford