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Optical Character Recog.

Optical and Intelligent Character Recognition

OCR technology is predominantly used in payment processing applications found in most financial institutions, accounting departments, and at point of sale counters. These transaction readers scan relatively short character streams such as an account number at the bottom of a check. OCR is a proven and widely used technology but is slowly being replaced with new ICR applications. Several hardware and software solutions exist for ICR applications that can convert either text or handwritten information. Hand held ICR readers can convert text into Windows based programs simply by striping a line of text. Several ICR applications can translate whole pages of text into computer-readable data. Some ICR applications even specialise in automatically scanning business cards into an easy-to-use address and phone database. The more advanced ICR applications store, manage, and find electronic information among directories or even whole volumes. Documents are scanned and easily accessed in this advanced document retrieval system.