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Updates & Patches

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Upgrade to the Cloud!

Migrate your InventoryControl or MobileAsset data to InventoryCloud or AssetCloud.

Why make the move?

The same features you love - plus many more!

Ability to centralize date across multiple sites.

View, manage and edit data practically anywhere.

Utilize existing Android and iOS devices with included cloud apps.

Compatible with existing Wasp hardware.

Eliminate installed software maintenance headaches.

What is a patch?

A patch is new software that can fix something (sometimes called a software bug fix), provide new or updated hardware drivers, or enhance support issues such as compatibility, security or stability. It’s a great way to easily update software without waiting for major new releases.

How to apply the patch?

For software patches, run the patch program on each client (desktop or laptop) PC. The patch program will update the software to run using the latest version. Running the patch program on the client PC will update the database server provided the database server only has the database installed and does not have the Wasp program installed. However, if the Wasp program is installed on the database server, then it is necessary to run the patch program on the database server as well.

View the current Sunset policy here.

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