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PDT Characteristics


PDTs normally include 128k (or 256k) of memory, a membrane keyboard, and a display. For most applications, 128k or 256k of memory is sufficient to store a complete day's worth of work and should be uploaded no less than once a day in any case to minimise the risk of losing data as in the event of loss of primary power. Most PDTs are equipped with a real-time clock and date sequence to maintain a complete audit trail for the complete data collection process. When large, custom applications are required, some PDTs can be upgraded to support 256kB to 4MB of memory.

PDT keyboards come in various shapes and sizes. Keyboards can be numeric or alphanumeric, with or without assignable function keys. To maximise the size of the keys on the hand held unit, some manufacturers use shift keys to combine two values per key.

The LCD display also come in various sizes. Typically, the display will support a 4 X 20 or 8 x 20 line(s) by character(s) message. Some manufacturers support backlighting of the display to improve the readability.