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An Elementary Way to Track School Assets

Improve accountability and ensure your district maintains compliance with funding requirements.
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Track Assets from School to School and Classroom to Classroom

Whether you need to track expensive bond-funded technology assets as part of your district’s one-to-one initiative, or you just need to get a better handle on fixed asset allocation from school to school, AssetCloud helps you do both.

Asset Tracking for Schools

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Mandatory Funding Compliance Simplified

Safeguarding your district from audits just became stress-free with fund management. Allocating assets to specific funds allows you to easily maintain which assets were purchased, the PO number, date and vendor, along with where the assets are being utilized.


WATCH: Fund Tracking Feature
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Inventory Identical School Assets

Whether you’re responsible for a single school or an entire district, you need to account for every desk, chair, and projector. With AssetCloud’s multi-quantity feature, you can group all identical items together to maintain accurate counts without inflating your asset database.

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Check-In/Check-Out Expensive Student-Issued Assets

Laptops and tablets make great learning tools for students, but these types of assets cost schools and taxpayers a lot of money, so ensuring those items are tracked effectively with an automated, efficient check-in/check-out procedure is a must.


WATCH: Check-In/Check-Out Feature
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Accelerate Audits and Know Exactly What You Have

Knowing what assets your school has is imperative to ensuring bond compliance and planning for future budget allocations and expenditures. With AssetCloud’s auditing feature, you can quickly conduct audits to know exactly what you have.

Government Mandate Compliance

Most state and federal laws mandate that fixed assets be controlled and accounted for throughout their useful life. AssetCloud allows you to take control and maintain up-to-the-minute data all your fixed assets. AssetCloud gives you the ability to add, rename and add custom fields to the system, so your organization can capture all data necessary to comply with each mandate.

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