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Inventory Control Product Tour


Get a guided tour of Inventory Control Standard. Dramatically increase profitability with an automated, user-friendly approach to inventory management. Our inventory software provides the ability to accurately track inventory, without the complexity and expense of a solution typically reserved for large businesses. Wasp customers say investing in our complete inventory control solutions pays-off in weeks and months, not years.

With real-time 802.11 b/g/n data transfer and 5 PC clients (network capability), our inventory control software will save you and your business time and money.

Inventory Control Standard allows you to define multiple sites (including a warehouse, stock room, or supply closet) with multiple locations (a bin, shelf, or even a pallet within the location). It's easy to track your business' inventory by location, serial number, lot or any combination of the numerous 'track-bys'.

Easily create barcode labels with Wasp Inventory Control. Print barcode labels or inventory tags using data from the Inventory Control database. Attach barcode labels to inventory items, physical locations or pallets to quickly improve efficiency.


IC Pro
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Inventory Control RF Product tour

IC Quickbooks
Inventory Control QuickBooks Connector Product tour

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