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Inventory Control V6.x

Inventory Control V6.3.2

InventoryControl v6.3.2 patch fixes the following problems: Added Features:
  1. The [Use SubItem Costs] feature has been re-worked to make sure cost for Assembly and Kit items are more accurately tracked.
  2. Prevent user from defining a cyclical assembly/kit item sub-items structure.
Fixed Bugs:
  1. The Cost Method dropdown doesn't show correct value on Edit/New Item screen.
  2. Batch Device - Scanning Serial Number Twice kicks out of add screen
  3. Custom labels are sent down to mobile devices.
  4. When an item is duplicated, the original label is printed from the PrintLabels icon
  5. More list on Ref# combobox causes error.
  6. Allow to edit purchase order number after it is created.
Quick Details
File Name: InventoryControl_Patch_6x.exe
Version: 6.3.2
Date Published: 06/11/2013
Language: English
Download Size: 42.2 MB
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How to apply the patch:

InventoryControl Standard or Professional: Run the patch program on each machine on which the client/database is installed. After you run the patch, the InventoryControl programs will be updated to the latest version.

InventoryControl Enterprise: If you have Enterprise edition, please download the patch, as explained above in the Standard and Professional version, and also download the Enterprise DB Installer and run it on your database server.

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Inventory Control v6.3.1

InventoryControl v6.3.1 patch fixes the following problems:
Fixed Bugs:
  1. Audit on the RF device changes the site and location field.
  2. Recent value list on the site location field on PC may not be unique.

Inventory Control v6.3

InventoryControl v6.3 patch fixes the following problems:
Added Features:
  1. An application option was added to allow the fields on the mobile device transaction screens to appear in the exact order of the PC interface
  2. Added a new utility to allow reconstruct the item cost history
  3. Enhanced error handling on the RF device in case of service connection lost or out of AP range
Fixed Bugs:
  1. An item can be deleted when this item is an active sub item of an active assembly item.
  2. Assemble transactions are causing negatives in Inventory Cost Report
  3. Various issues on item cost calculation if the item is converted from Legacy cost method
  4. Batch mode - item without default location selected thru i browse on a few screens gives error and closes the screen abruptly
  5. Batch mode - Pick/Remove kit with non-inv sub-item or Pick non-inv item gives "ArgumentOutOfRangeException Parameter name: index"
  6. If the costs of any sub-items are edited "after" assembly item was created, new cost is not used on Assemble screen.
  7. Overpick of a pick order causes a negative amount to show in the item's Commited quantity
  8. Pick is able to pick more quantity than is available and send item negative
  9. On mobile devices, the default Microsoft message box dialog is replaced with customized Wasp message box to avoid the window got stuck behind an active window
  10. Addresses the performance issue on purchase orders with large amount of line items.
  11. On purchase order new/edit screen, if the [Print on Save] box is checked, the purchase order would end up with double the line items.
  12. Renamed fields do not show up on the mobile devices.

Inventory Control v6.2

InventoryControl v6.2 patch fixes the following problems:
Added Features:
  1. Add label printing function to the Receive function on both the InventoryControl RF wireless device as well as the batch device.
  2. Add the ability to print PO Receipt and packing slip printing from the wireless device, via InventoryControl service.
  3. Allows user to print labels and receipts to different printers via the service.
  4. Modified the Inventory Cost report and view to better deliver the cost information if the cost method is FIFO and LIFO. Also this report now handles all cost method, including legacy and average.
  5. Allow UK customer to print to A4 paper instead of the default letter size.
Fixed Bugs:
  1. Non-admin users can no longer change company data from PO screen.
  2. Print 'Add' transaction label failed when label is updated to use a custom db view instead of vPendingItems
  3. Capture the accurate time of receiving, just like what we did for add. This will help us to calculate more accurately if the item is set to be FIFO/LIFO costing.
  4. On the Pick form, up down arrow on the pick quantity field doesn't work if it is a kit item.
  5. Failed to send email if using port 587.

Inventory Control v6.1

InventoryControl v6.1 patch fixes the following problems:
  1. Improved mechanism for establishing wireless connection to InventoryControl service.
  2. Fixed bug: database backup will use .bak suffix to better conform to Microsoft's default practice.
  3. Fixed bug: failed to process the xml file generated for the batch device because there are duplicate item_ids for newly created items.
  4. Fixed bug: Quantity entry on the pick order form is not working. Numbers are entered in reverse order.
  5. Fixed bug: 'Unable to create snapshot' error when wireless program starts up on the device.
  6. Fixed bug: If user erroneously generates an item with a large number, then deletes it and manually resets the item seed back to the desired one. The program still stuck at the large number (1+ the deleted item).
  7. Fixed bug: Remove - Error while removing inventory whose cost method is set to FIFO after upgrade
  8. Fixed bug: If we click on 'Item Number' on item list, then click 'Print Label', label will not print out in the order of item number, it always print out by item id.
  9. Fixed bug: If the date format is set to dd/mm/yyyy on both PC and mobile device and a checkout transaction is done on the mobile device, the due date came back in the wrong format. Therefore the application fails to process the data.
  10. On the Transaction Receive Report, the label text preceding the date indicates Pick Date. It should be Receive date.
  11. Purchase Order Receive Report is now sorted by order date first, followed by PO Number and then Item Number.
  12. Allow user to filter transactions with no reference number out of the Transaction Add With Reference Report and Transaction Add By Reference Report