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Wasp Barcode Technologies has created several ePOS and retail point of sale software and solutions to provide small business the efficiency of large companies at prices that are affordable. Wasp QuickStore ePOS software is available separately or as a complete hardware ePOS system.  Wasp Barcode Technologies’ Electronic Point of Sale (ePOS) solutions are designed to help independent retailers operate more efficiently while providing customers with the service they demand. Wasp’s easy-to-use, ePOS barcode solutions provide the tools that bigger retailers use but without the complexity or cost associated with those complex ePOS systems. Whether you’re opening your first retail store or you’re expanding operations, Wasp’s electronic point of sale solution will improve your business profitability. Lower costs of operation, improved sales and higher customer satisfaction will help make your business a success.


Wasp ePOS software tracks inventory to give you instant insight into what’s moving, what’s not and what needs to be reordered. The ePOS software can processes customer credit card and sales transactions providing quick and accurate tally of sales.


Wasp has designed two software programs to fit the size and functional needs of different retailers:

    (1) Wasp QuickStore ePOS software Standard edition - great for a 1 store operation  with moderate traffic and inventory levels
    (2) Wasp QuickStore ePOS software Pro edition - provides more robust features for larger  operations with multi-lane or checkouts, or stores with higher traffic,  inventory management and customer services needs
    (3) Wasp QuickStore ePOS software Enterprise edition - includes all the features of Pro, plus a  multi-store location ability


EPOS Software - Electronic Point of Sale Systems


QuickStore ePOS

Standard Bundle

- Ideal for a 1-store operation  with moderate traffic
- Includes basic ePOS functionality
- Features ePOS hardware and Std. edition ePOS software





QuickStore ePOS
Professional Bundle

- Ideal for a 1-store operation
   with single or multiple lane
- Offers advanced ePOS functionality
- Features ePOS hardware and Pro edition ePOS software




QuickStore ePOS
Enterprise Bundle

- Ideal for a multi-store
operation with single or
multiple lane checkouts. Can
handle high traffic levels
- Offers advanced ePOS functionality
- Features ePOS hardware and Pro edition ePOS software



ePOS Point of Sale
Hardware Bundle

- Ideal solution for customers with existing ePOS software









QuickStore ePOS Software

- Easy customer checkout
- Full inventory control
- Customer sales history
- Detailed inventory analysis
- Much more






ePOS Point of Sale
Cash Drawer

- All-metal construction
- Compact design
- Easy installation
- Media slots
- Much More





ePOS Point of Sale

- Compact
- Spill resistant
- Built-in MSR
- Programmable keys
- Much More





ePOS Point of Sale
Pole Display

- Checkout display for POS solutions
- Large, easy-to-read display






Point of Sale Pole Display

Point of Sale
Barcode Scanner

- Improve checkout efficiency

   by quickly scanning

   barcoded labels

- Quick and easy installation

   through USB port –

   no drivers necessary




Point of Sale Pole Display

Point of Sale
Barcode Printers

- Create barcode labels

   for inventory items,

   shelves and storage

- Easy to install and use







ePOS Point of Sale
Receipt Printer

- Fast checkouts
- Print quality
- Flexible
- Reliable and durable
- Connectivity





Point of Sale 
Magnetic Stripe Reader

ePOS Magnetic Stripe Reader

- Reads magstripes on credit    cards or badges
- Ideal for reading credit cards    for POS payment






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Integrating the necessary point-of-sale hardware can seem daunting without an understanding of how the components work together. A typical point-of-sale hardware system is comprised of several components, as shown below:




The hardware components in your POS solution provide the following functionality:


Barcode scanners transfer product information to the POS system.

Receipt printers generate receipts as transaction records.

Cash drawers provide storage, security and organization for cash, coins, checks, and credit slips.

Pole displays show transaction information to the customer, as provided by your POS software.

Magnetic stripe readers read the information encoded on electromagnetic strips located on the back of credit, debit, and gift cards and provide banking information so transactions can be completed. The magnetic stripe reader may be integrated into the POS keyboard or monitor to maximize space at your POS workstation.  


In addition to the specialized point of sale hardware listed above, a point of sale solution also requires a personal computer and a monitor. The monitor will display necessary transactional information to the employee. The POS software you select will integrate the hardware components to create a POS solution designed to maximize profits and efficiency.


POS Product Brochures

Quickstore software only brochureQuickstore Point of Sale Brochure
Wasp QuickStore is the easiest, quickest way to manage retail operations and to checkout customers and manage inventory.


Quickstore Standard and Professional bundlesQuickstore Standard and Professional bundles
QuickStore Standard, Pro, and Enterprise hardware and software solutions.


Quickstore hardware brochurePoint of Sale hardware
Cash drawer, CCDLR barcode scanner and stand, receipt printer and pole display...


Point of Sale Case Studies

Case Study - The Sunglasses ShopThe Sunglasses Shop specializes in designer sunglasses, watches and accessories, offering luxury brands including Gucci, Maui Jim, and Ray-Ban. The online and store retailer started out with two employees, and rapidly expanded to a staff of fifteen to accommodate a growing customer base.


Case Study - LPGAWasp QuickStore™ Point of Sale Scores a Hole-in-One at the LPGA For over 27 years, The Wegmans Rochester LPGA has been one of the most popular stops on the LPGA tour. It combines the world's best golfers, the most enthusiastic crowds and many eager volunteers that join to raise funds for special causes.


Case Study - Harold's Fine Home LightingWasp QuickStore™ Point-of-Sale lights the way to a Brighter Future Harold’s Fine Home Lighting is a company based on tradition. Harvey Hanson started the business during the depression when he used his artistic skills to create lamps and then sell them door-to-door.


Case Study - North American CellularNorth American Cellular is one the largest retailers of cellular phones in Connecticut. They offer a large variety of phones, phone accessories, communication equipment, and service plans. When the company’s owner, Art Robles, began this business four years ago, he never imagined the company would grow so rapidly.


Case Study - Nicky NicoleNicky Nicole, a new children’s clothing store located in Hudson, Ohio needs a point of sale and retail management system that can keep up with such a fashion forward business. The owner, MJ Lehman, wants a data based point of sale system that provides accurate inventory control, sales tracking, and professional customer transactions.


Know Your QuickStore

QuickStore version comparison chartView the QuickStore version comparison chart

Choose the Wasp Point of Sale software version that best fits your business.



QuickStore screen shotsView QuickStore screen shots

Wasp QuickStore Point of Sale software is the easiest, quickest way to checkout customers and manage inventory.



Download a fully functional version of one of the Wasp Barcode Technologies software products for 10 days.  To download the program, fill out the online form and follow the online instructions. An installation key will be sent to you via email.  Download speeds vary depending upon your computer speed.  Should you decide to purchase the product, call sales at 0845 430 1971 to purchase an activation key. The installation and setup of the program as well as the work you have completed using the software will be retained on your system.  Note:  The Demo program comes with an UnInstaller to completely remove the program from your system at a later date if necessary.


ePos Support Center



The Support Center provides helpful information on products and services.

  • Technical support (learn how to place a tech support call or support ticket)
  • Knowledge base (frequently asked questions)
  • Product registrations
  • Shipping & payment options
  • Warranty & return policies


Barcode Scanners Industry-leading Barcode Scanners
Award-winning barcode scanners from Wasp Barcode are known for their quality, functionality and reliability. The range of barcode scanners include Bluetooth wireless barcode scanners, 2D barcode scanners, laser barcode scanners, & industrial barcode scanners.

Barcode Printers Label Barcode Printers
Wasp offers a complete line of barcode printers for all applications . Available in various sizes and print capacity, Wasp barcode printer solutions include: desktop thermal barcode printers and industrial thermal barcode printers, with supporting barcodes labels, barcode ribbons and other barcode printer supplies.

Inventory Software & Inventory Tracking Stock Control Software & Management
Gain stock visibility and management of your stock with Wasp stock control systems. Reduce inventory stock outs. Manage stock reorder levels. Check in / check out. Stock control software & management systems include stock control software and bundles with mobile computers.

Asset Tracking Asset Tracking Software & Management
Wasp MobileAsset asset tracking software puts you in control of your asset management needs, fixed assets, IT asset management, software tracking and more. Complete asset management systems include asset tracking software, a mobile computer, and an asset tag printer.

Barcode SoftwareBarcode Software
Wasp's first product was a type of barcode software and the heritage continues today with a range of barcode software solutions. Use barcode software to create barcodes for print or inclusion in documents like invoices. Or use the barcode software included with solutions such as stock control management & asset management. Wasp barcode label software makes it easy to start barcoding, create barcodes, and add a barcode to any important document.

Time and Attendance Time & Attendance Systems
Decrease the cost and frustration of a manual employee timekeeping setup with WaspTime. Eliminate buddy punching. Reduce employee time tracking errors, and decrease payroll processing time and effort. Time and attendance systems include time & attendance software combined with biometric time clocks, RFID time clocks, and barcode time clocks.

Point of Sale ePOS Software & Systems
Optimized for single retail locations, Wasp Complete ePOS (electronic Point-of-Sale) systems provides a system like a big company without the big business costs. Wasp QuickStore ePOS software is available separately or as a complete hardware ePOS system.





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