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MobileAsset Tips and Tricks

More Tips & Tricks

The previous Tips & Tricks email we sent a few weeks ago was so popular that our Corporate Trainers have compiled several additional tips and tricks to help you fully utilize MobileAsset.


Can I hide or reorganize the list views?

Make each list within MobileAsset work for you.

  • Hide columns you don’t need by right-clicking the column header and selecting Hide Column.
  • Reorganize column order by clicking the column header, dragging, and then dropping it in a new location.
  • Group a list by any column – click the Group button, drag a column header into the gray bar, and see your list grouped by your chosen criteria.
  • Don’t forget to save your changes! Click the View button, select Save/Save as, give your new view a name, choose whether to set the view as a default and whether you’d like to share with others, and Save.

How do I customize field names?

Edit Wasp fields or create your own field(s) to make the software truly fit your company’s data needs. Go to Administration and Options – select the Edit Field Names option and check the box. Click any Wasp field (surrounded by a box) to open that field’s customization screen – make your desired changes. Create new fields in the Custom Fields tab of any item except Departments.

How do I conduct an audit?

Are your assets really in the location listed in your database? Use the Audit feature to identify moved and missing assets. Auditing helps you correct any database inaccuracies. Using your mobile device to perform an audit is convenient, fast, and efficient!

Can I schedule maintenance?

Need to keep track of routine maintenance? Schedule it ahead of time in MobileAsset – you even have the ability to assign responsibility for the maintenance to an individual. Select an asset within your list, click Edit on the toolbar, select the Maintenance tab, and click New; fill in your maintenance details and click Save. You will receive an alert if the maintenance is not completed by the assigned due date, and you can generate a report showing your maintenance schedule.

What reports do you most recommend?

Our favorite reports:

  • Assets by Location – shows each location’s assets.
  • Check-Out to Employee – shows asset(s) currently checked-out to an employee and when the asset(s) is due for return.
  • Not Audited Assets – displays an asset’s last audit date. Filter the report to exclude your most recent audit date(s) and see a list of missing assets.

Bonus Questions:

What are location labels?

Labeling your locations makes working on your mobile device fast and easy. Instead of hunting for a location on the device, simply scan the location’s barcode. In MobileAsset, go to Labels and select Location Label. Print and affix labels to each location or print a master list of your locations’ barcodes.

How long am I able to check assets out?

You can check out assets without assigning a due date. This option lets you designate responsibility for an asset to an individual without requiring they return it by a specific date and time. In Check-Out, set your due date to None.

How can I more easily manage asset tags on-the-go?

Use the Labeler software to create and pre-print asset tags. This allows you to assign, tag, and create new assets quickly and easily – especially when using a mobile device.

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