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MobileAsset Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Our Corporate Training Team has compiled some helpful tips and tricks for using MobileAsset based on questions from users like you.


What do I do if I cannot log in?

Have you tried to log in but find yourself locked out of MobileAsset? Call Wasp’s tech support at 800.547.9277, option 2 for help resetting your password.

Can I practice with demo data so I don’t impact my production data?

When you install MobileAsset, a sample company’s database is included. Use this sample company to practice creating and managing items – this way all transactions will become part of the sample company’s history and not yours. Check the Use Sample Company box before you log in.

How do the filters work?

Narrow any report or list to the exact data you need using the filter button to sort by your choice of criteria.

How do I update more than one asset at a time?

Would you like to update or edit more than one asset at a time? In the Asset List, select each asset you want to edit, and click the Mass Update button. You can now quickly change more than one asset’s category, vendor, department, etc. at a time.

What is “pinning”?

Best timesaving trick on the mobile device! Hold any field’s information when processing multiple transactions by “pinning” the field down; saving time by not re-entering repeated information. After you’ve selected the field’s information (i.e. site, location), tap the field’s name on the screen.