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Case Studies

Healthcare Asset management Case Study: Truxton Radiology – Wasp Barcode

Business Challenge

Expanding organization offers the latest in diagnostic healthcare services and must meet increasing asset management demands to effectively manage the healthcare delivery services it provides.


Thanks to Wasp MobileAsset, TRMG reduced its inventory audit time from three business days to one-half day. Employees can focus on providing high-quality patient care rather than wasting time searching for or servicing a particular piece of equipment.


100% confidence
9X FASTER equipment audits
1 single-source solution

Customer Profile

• Diagnostic Medical Group headquartered in Bakersfield, CA
• 150 employees
• 4 buildings & 2 remote locations

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I was able to use my existing barcodes and this was an immediate time saver. The entire system was very intuitive and the handheld PDA device allows data entry at the site.
- Chris Freels, Truxton Radiology Medical Group

MobileAsset: Just What the Doctor Ordered for Truxtun Radiology Medical Group

Truxtun Radiology Medical Group (TRMG) offers the very latest in diagnostic radiology services. Founded in 1988 in Bakersfield, California, Truxtun opened its doors with only one radiologist and a total of five employees, yet today it stands as the largest radiology center in the area. Presently, with over 150 employees, four buildings on the main campus, and two remote sites, TRMG serves over 600 patients each day. The key to their success is the state of the art equipment, which allows for speedy and accurate diagnoses, as well as rapid reporting of diagnostic information, making it possible to initiate treatments sooner. In fact, adding to the long list of high quality diagnostic equipment, TRMG recently installed a new 64-slice multi-detector CT system that is unsurpassed in image quality and speed. TRMG is committed to providing not only the best diagnostic radiology services but also the best in patient care.

The Technical Problem

While the expansion and growth at TRMG enables the company to provide the very latest in diagnostic services, the increase in valuable diagnostic tools and equipment creates added asset tracking demands. Chris Freels, the IT manager, found the traditional spreadsheet method to be not only time consuming but inaccurate. “When dealing with equipment of this nature it is important to have precise data when it comes to location, but even more importantly accurate data on maintenance and repair,” states Freels. The present manual tracking system allows for a huge margin of error resulting in misplaced equipment as well as the possibility of deliberate theft. Moreover, each modality, from the ultrasound units to the x-ray machines, is on a strict schedule for maintenance and repair and keeping a clipboard history on each unit is time consuming.

The objective was two-fold: find an automatic asset management system to track basic computer equipment, and more importantly, a method to inventory and monitor the high-value diagnostic equipment used to deliver care. With time being a critical element in the health care industry, the asset tracking system must offer speed without sacrificing accuracy when it comes to providing complete reports on location and maintenance history for each diagnostic unit. Freels began his search for a solution only to find many products were just too difficult to install and customize to meet the special needs of TRMG.

“Implementation was not easy and the data collection process did not allow portability nor compatibility with bar coding that already was on the equipment," stated Freels. It was not until he discovered MobileAsset that Freels realized there is an easy, cost-effective solution to asset management.

Wasp Barcode Technologies’ Asset Tracking Solution

TRMG needs a ready-to use asset tracking solution to streamline IT management processes while adapting to the special needs of the healthcare provider. TRMG requires the system to be barcode friendly, portable and provide real-time information about diagnostic equipment that can potentially affect patient care.

MobileAsset allows for easy implementation and customization with the ability to track assets by location, item ID, or serial number, while also accurately recording the maintenance of units to ensure proper service. “I was able to use my existing barcodes and this was an immediate time saver. The entire system was very intuitive and the handheld PDA device allows data entry at the site,” explains Freels.

As a direct result of using the MobileAsset solution, Freels reports that the company is now in a position, “where we can reduce our inventory audit time from a process that did take two or three full business day to a half-day procedure.” Results like this offer immediate returns on the MobileAsset investment. As far as attacking the problem of missing, lost or inoperable equipment, the accurate data that is immediately available on each unit has addressed this issue with outstanding results reports Freels. This is another ROI because employees no longer waste time trying to locate needed equipment and more time focusing on quality patient care. Finally, the integration of the MobileAsset system could not have been easier especially since all the components came from the same provider. With MobileAsset,TRMG found a single, economical source for a complete solution to healthcare asset management.

The MobileAsset solution proves that better information leads to better healthcare.

MobileAsset helped Truxton Radiology Medical Group:

  • Operate state-of-the-art diagnostic tools with 100% confidence in their accuracy
  • Reduce inventory audit time by 85%
  • Deliver better healthcare outcomes

We can reduce our inventory audit time from a process that did take two or three full business days to a half-day procedure.
- Chris Freels, Truxton Radiology Medical Group