Stock Control Software Keeps Customers and Investors Coming Back


Stock Control Software Keeps Customers and Investors Coming Back

Without stock control software, it’s hard to accurately track items your business owns. Manual processes promote poor management and incorrect stock counts. They also impact sales when customers or investors leave because you don’t have what they want in stock or your equipment is “out of order.” The last thing you need is for them to turn to competitors and never return.

By automating operations with stock control software, you can keep customers and investors coming back for lasting loyalty and ongoing profitability. You also eliminate other barriers that threaten your success.

iStock_000028109570Improve Employee Morale

When employees don’t have the equipment or inventory to efficiently service customers, they often become unhappy. Work becomes chaotic when orders can’t be fulfilled. Employees may also resent moving surplus goods nobody wants or needs. And guess what? When employee morale is low, retention rates fall and problems start to climb.

Automated stock control systems ensure you have the right items in stock at the right times to minimise downtime and maximise morale.

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Without stock control software, you’ll likely order more items than you need. Then you’re faced with finding storage space and moving excess stock. You will also incur additional expenses that impact the bottom line.

For example, you may need to pay for extra storage, which can cause utility costs to rise. To get rid of overstocked items, you may have to reduce rates and cut profits. And depending on your business, you might sustain waste fees for perishables or expired products.

iStock_000028337056Arm Investors with Accurate Information

People who invest in your company rely on financial reports to make decisions. These reports include the income statement and the balance sheet. Banks use these reports to determine whether they should lend you money, and investors use this information to decide if your business is a sound.

Automated stock control software properly tracks financial details so you won’t over or understate the cost of goods sold, and you have the ability to present investors with accurate statements. You’ll correctly state ending inventory and costs for a true picture of your net income and profitability.

Optimise Operations with the Right Solution

Automated stock tracking systems are the foundation of inventory management. Unlike spreadsheets, inventory software grows with your business. But beware—it’s important to select the right system to ensure it meets your current and future needs.

Don’t pick the cheapest software because it may not do what you need. Likewise, don’t reach for high-end products because you may pay for bells and whistles that won’t improve efficiency in your operations.

Start the selection process by identifying a solution that is easy-to-use and makes physical counts less tedious. Make sure it will effortlessly track your assets and proactively alert you when stock levels are low.

These features ensure your stock control software works for you by improving employee morale, eliminating unnecessary expenses, and arming investors with accurate information. In turn, you’ll enjoy happier customers and lasting investment relationships that reward you with loyalty.

What are your stock control management concerns?  Tell us in the comments.

Jason Sentell

Jason Sentell

Product Marketing Manager at Wasp Barcode
Jason Sentell is a Product Marketing Manager, responsible for development and execution of Wasp's product marketing strategy.
Jason Sentell
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