5 Ways Using a POS System Can Add Value to Your Business

There are various point of sale systems available and they can all add value to your business whether you are a SME or a large multi-site organisation. A point of sale system gives you full control over your business operations, making it more efficient and productive, and by streamlining your internal processes your business becomes a more profitable one.

Below are 5 reasons to why investing in a point of sale system will add value to your business:

Saves Money – One of the main benefits over everything else is that a point of sale system will in fact save you money. Not only does a point of sale system eliminate human error, due to its automation, but it will keep track of all sales and stock at all times. Staff no longer have to spend hours counting stock because accurate reports can be generated through the system.

Saves Time – Transactions with a point of sale system go through quickly and seamlessly, which enables staff to serve more people in a set timeframe. Their accurate records of daily transactions enable reports on volumes of stock to be printed at any time, so staff no longer have the laborious task of counting stock, which allows their time to be more productive. With their touch screen capabilities they are simple to navigate and add-ons, such as a barcode scanner, will make transactions even faster.

Full Stock Management Control – With a point of sale system you can have full control of your stock levels. You can categorise your stock items to suit your business and you can search your stock levels at any time. You can even set alerts for when a particular product is low on stock so you know to re-order and through reports you can see which items are selling better than others, which is great for forecasting of sales in the future and determining which stock is selling better than others. Purchase orders can be generated through the point of sale system and tracked from order date to when the goods are received.

Higher Customer Service – With a POS system, the customer service you offer your customers will be improved. Not only will your transactions be faster, making queuing time less, but through the stock control analysis you will be able to determine which products are selling better so you can gage what it is your customers want. You can also collect customer data through a point of sale system, which is great when you are conducting targeted promotions

Consistent Pricing – When you run promotions, special offers or have sale of stock, it can be hard to keep the pricing consistent, especially across multiple site locations. With a point of sale system you can make sure your prices remain consistent as the point of sale system will automate this pricing process. It also makes the whole process easier for staff and less time consuming.

Wasp Barcode Technologies offers a fully customisable POS system that will suit any business from small scale up to large multi-sited organisations. With their numerous hardware options available you can make sure the point of sale system is right for your business. To find out more about Wasp’s point of sale system and hardware components available, contact Wasp today on www.waspbarcode.co.uk or call 0845 430 1971.

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Erin Myers
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