The Benefits of On-Site Training!

Ongoing training of your staff is a vital element to the successful running of your business. Whether you are looking to train your staff in a particular department with new skills, or train the whole organisation on a new software program that’s soon to be implemented, it is paramount that any training is tailored to your businesses specific needs.

On-site training is a very beneficial method of training for organisations, especially for those businesses that have specific requirements. With on-site training you have a dedicated expert who comes to your premises and who will deliver a program that’s customised to your needs. There are no hidden fees, you pay a set rate that has been agreed, and they deliver exactly what they have promised.

If you are currently looking into training for your staff, and are unsure which route to take, please read the following benefits for on-site training with Wasp Barcode Technologies:

Maximise Your Training Budget

Whether you are training 10 staff or 100 staff, on-site training is great on your ROI as you pay a set fee for the number of days training and you don’t have any additional expenses for employees. Everyone being trained receives the same message at the same time, and through interaction with the trainer and group, there is no mis-interpretation of any information shared. Staff receive new skills in one hit, which in turn leads to increased productivity.

Tailored Business Solutions

With on-site training there is no ‘one fits all’ off the shelf training package. Yes, there will be a generic process applied for training of a specific software programme, but an on-site trainer will be able to evaluate your organisation, and work with you to customise the course to your specific requirements.

Boost Morale, Motivation and Team Building

Setting a day or more aside for training boosts morale and allows employees to get to know one another in a different setting to the day to day job, which in turn increases productivity and working relationships. On-site training enables employees to work together on a solution for the business, and allows individuals to have an input to that solution, giving them a greater sense of motivation and job satisfaction.

You Choose the Time and Place

On-site training is tailored to you and your requirements, which includes the time and place for delivery. Whether you require training at your head office, conference or hotel, you choose the place and day of the week that’s convenient to you and your staff. This makes is easy to train staff on different shift patterns.

At Wasp Barcode Technologies we put you on the fast track to improve efficiency and productivity. Our on-site training trains your staff quickly and easily on our Wasp solutions and our tailored learning plans ensure that each employee becomes a confident user of the chosen Wasp software solution.

What’s more, Wasp Barcode Technologies are now offering their one day on-site training for only £1700! If you prefer a more hands on approach to learning, then contact Wasp today and arrange for a certified Wasp specialist to deliver customised training at your chosen location.

To find out more about Wasp’s on-site training and other training delivery options available, please visit

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