Erin Myers
Erin Myers is the Content and Social Media Specialist for WASP Barcode Technologies. Her job is to oversee the company’s blogs and social media accounts.
Erin Myers

FMD, S4S, and ADS: The Future of Medicinal Barcodes

Laboratory with test tubes and microscope.

9 February 2019 will bring a new level of safety into medicinal practices. On that date, the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) will go into effect. Under the FMD, all prescription medicine packs will be required to possess a unique 2D barcode that will be held in a national database. … [Read more...]

Red Saturday: Valentine’s answer to Black Friday

Red heart in the shopping cart

Black Friday alone once signaled the start of the Christmas shopping season. Once online shopping became commonplace, we saw the inclusion of Cyber Monday. Days of deals galore dedicated to the hunt for that special something for someone to go under the tree. Then we went back to the standard … [Read more...]

How New Data Protection Will Affect Small Businesses

Macro photo of tooth wheels with COMPLIANCE, REGULATIONS, STANDARDS, POLICIES and RULES words imprinted on metal surface

Data protection measures in the EU will soon receive an upgrade more than five years in the making. As of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect, two years after its approval by Parliament. This measure will replace the 20-year-old Data Protection Directive … [Read more...]

Escape the Office: Remote Work For the SBE

Cropped shot of a man sitting behind his computer in his home office

You can admit the truth: It gets tiresome, doesn’t it? The same four walls day in, day out, of the office. And the commute? Tied up in traffic or queued for the underground: It cuts into your day, your family time, your breakfast. Wouldn’t things be simpler if your trek from the house to the … [Read more...]

Back to Basics: How To Clear Out Your Excess Holiday Merchandise

Shopping up a storm

The season is almost to an end. It's almost time to take down the tree, tuck away the ornaments, and ready yourself for the leftovers: Holiday goods that failed to sell and returned the holiday merchandise that didn’t quite meet expectations. Happy New Year! You spent a third of the year … [Read more...]

So This Is Christmas: How Small Businesses Can Survive the Holiday Season

Family buying Christmas gifts in a shopping mall

For anyone who runs small businesses in the UK, chances are your holiday plans remained steady ever since you opened your doors: You work the Christmas holiday. Most likely, you work New Year's as well. You aren’t alone: Approximately 500,000 small business entrepreneurs (SBEs) work over the … [Read more...]

Put Yourself Out There: Small Businesses in the Age of Social Media

Portrait angry screaming young woman holding megaphone isolated on grey wall background. Negative face expression emotion feelings. Propaganda, breaking news, power, social media communication concept

Congratulations are in order! You took the steps necessary and joined the ranks of 5.5 million other UK-based small businesses. Welcome to the fold, and now a question: How can you differentiate yourself from those other 5.5 million? You can afford a little from your budget to get your name out … [Read more...]

5 Ways Using a POS System Can Add Value to Your Business

point of sale system

There are various point of sale systems available and they can all add value to your business whether you are a SME or a large multi-site organisation. A point of sale system gives you full control over your business operations, making it more efficient and productive, and by streamlining your … [Read more...]

The Benefits of On-Site Training!

onsite training at wasp

Ongoing training of your staff is a vital element to the successful running of your business. Whether you are looking to train your staff in a particular department with new skills, or train the whole organisation on a new software program that’s soon to be implemented, it is paramount that any … [Read more...]

Save Time and Money with an Inbound Package Tracking System

package tracker for business

Do you find it constantly frustrating how parcels can be delivered to your business and yet they still get mislaid once they arrive at your site? They have been tracked all the way from despatch to delivery by the postal courier, but once it has arrived at your large organisation it’s no longer … [Read more...]