Erin Myers
Erin Myers is the Content and Social Media Specialist for WASP Barcode Technologies. Her job is to oversee the company’s blogs and social media accounts.
Erin Myers

Why You Should Introduce Barcodes To Your Small Business

Handwritten tags on merchandise in a small shop is something of a novelty. It lends an air to the place not typically found in larger stores or big-name departments. It’s also horribly inefficient. How long does it take you and your staff to write out those tags? They need to be legible, … [Read more...]

Past Due: The Impact of Late Invoices On Small Businesses

You sent the invoice along with the finished product and set the deadline for payment to be received: 30 days. A month came, went, and what never arrived? Payment. A week passed, then another, then maybe you received payment, if you felt into that lucky category. The average late pay date for … [Read more...]

Barcode Printers: What You Need To Know Before You Decide What You Need To Buy

You decided you want more control over your work environment, or you need a better handle on your assets and inventory, or you want an easier way to keep track of patients. Whatever your reason, you decided to create your barcodes in-house. Good for you! You took the first step toward an less … [Read more...]

How To Handle the Summer Festival Scene With Asset and Inventory Management

More than 30 million people normally travel, camp, pay, and wait for hours in blazing temperatures to see their favourite performers on summer tours. That many screaming fans must put an incredible amount of pressure on the person at stage center, but can you imagine that on those behind the … [Read more...]

Rx RFID: How RFID Can Help Streamline the Healthcare Industry

Growth of the global radio-frequency identification (RFID) industry is expected to hit the 10 per cent mark by 2025. Its value’s increase? An astounding £3.3 Billion! And one of the chief aides in this bolster? Healthcare. In the United States, the drive for an increased RFID presence in … [Read more...]

Cloud Connected: Why Small Businesses Need To Embrace the Virtual

According to a 2014 estimate, approximately 37 per cent of American small businesses cut the cord and embraced cloud computing. Predictions for 80 percent by 2020 seem less fantastic and more factual as time goes by. That’s not difficult to believe; you might even be cloud connected yourself … [Read more...]

How To Implement Asset and Inventory Management in Schools

Alice Cooper once crooned, “School’s out for summer!/No more pencils, no more books.” [Tweet "Alice Cooper once crooned, “School’s out for summer!/No more pencils, no more books."] What’s disturbing is how a lack of proper asset management could easily prove him right! How many … [Read more...]

The Basics of Asset Management: What It Can Do and How You Can Do It

Whatever happened to that tablet Phil took home a few weeks to try the remote program? Did Lisa ever return the smartphone you gave her for business purposes? Did she turn it in with her notice? When did you even see that old laptop from 2005? Can you apply any of these questions to your small … [Read more...]

Four Target Areas To Keep Your Doors Open

Uncertain economic times helped cause a 20-point downshift in small business confidence over the last year. Approximately 60 percent of UK SBEs felt “optimistic” about their companies’ prospects in 2017 while 10 percent went to the opposite end of the spectrum and felt “pessimistic.” … [Read more...]

Reasons To Make Inventory Management Part Of Your Small Business

László Bíró’s UK patent for the ballpoint pen turns 80. Some of us consider ourselves lucky if we can manage to keep track of the same pen for 80 days! So why do a full third of UK SBs continue to use pen-and-paper methods to keep track of their inventories? Many businesses rely on hand … [Read more...]