Rx RFID: How RFID Can Help Streamline the Healthcare Industry

Medicine doctor hand touching computer interface as medical network connection with modern virtual screen, medical technology network concept

Growth of the global radio-frequency identification (RFID) industry is expected to hit the 10 per cent mark by 2025. Its value’s increase? An astounding £3.3 Billion! And one of the chief aides in this bolster? Healthcare. In the United States, the drive for an increased RFID presence in … [Read more...]

Cloud Connected: Why Small Businesses Need To Embrace the Virtual

Cloud computing or cloud network concept

According to a 2014 estimate, approximately 37 per cent of American small businesses cut the cord and embraced cloud computing. Predictions for 80 percent by 2020 seem less fantastic and more factual as time goes by. That’s not difficult to believe; you might even be cloud connected yourself … [Read more...]