Capital Assets and Depreciation: How Asset Management Can Save You Money

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It came to you at your kitchen table one afternoon: You wanted to be your own boss, to answer to you, yourself, and…well, you. You wanted to be smart about things, though, so you did your research and looked at all the things that might make your road to self-employment a bit smoother. You … [Read more...]

RFID: The Potential of Distance and Data

A business woman is using card open the  electronic door of office

Do you remember when you last bought a book from a brick-and-mortar? Did you leaf through the pages only to see a small white square fall from the book? Notice how the back seems like a basic outline of a circuit? I don’t know about you, but that marked my introduction to the Radio-Frequency … [Read more...]

The Basics of Asset Management: What It Can Do and How You Can Do It

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Whatever happened to that tablet Phil took home a few weeks to try the remote program? Did Lisa ever return the smartphone you gave her for business purposes? Did she turn it in with her notice? When did you even see that old laptop from 2005? Can you apply any of these questions to your small … [Read more...]