Toxicity: What It Means To Deal With A Toxic Employee

Redhead businesswoman pointing at the door to dismissed employee. Smiling female coworker behind. All with formalwear. Man holding a box with documents.

Most everyone can bring to mind a person in their office who can best be described as “toxic.” Attitude, work ethic, general personality, whatever the characteristic, this person can poison an otherwise healthy organization, rot it from the inside out, and cause it to close its doors. Who are … [Read more...]

You’re the Boss, But Are You A Good One?

Hr manager asking questions to female candidate

What spurred you on to make the jump from employee to employer? Did you want to make your own hours and work at your own pace? Did you want to see your name on a desk placard with the words “Founder and CEO” engraved beneath it? Do you consider it a part of your legacy? Or, like 40 per … [Read more...]