Not Just Delivery: The Future of Commercial Drones

Composite image of a 3D generated model of a remote controlled drone taking off from a distribution warehouse full of cardboard boxes and goods. Drone is carrying a package for remote delivery: technology innovations allow quick shipping and delivery. The quadricopter has a camera and GPS to follow the route to destination. Drone model is white, carrying a brown yellow box.

Consumers hold certain expectations when it comes to their parcel delivery. They want it quickly, with as little fuss as possible, and with their order intact and undamaged. How quickly, though, is quick enough? Shipping times dropped dramatically as new advents in technology came along through … [Read more...]

How Wimbledon Aces Asset Tracking

Three labels over white, decorative element barcode tags

The oldest, and widely considered the most prestigious, tennis tournament in the world needs all the advantage it can get when it comes to asset tracking. Wimbledon has been held since 1877 and the tennis tournament takes place over two weeks. With an annual influx of over 400,000 visitors for The … [Read more...]