How Barcodes Are Making Hospitals In The UK Safer And More Efficient

A photo of female doctors discussing at laptop desk. Multi-ethnic professionals are working in hospital. Experts are in meeting at workplace.

By 2020, the NHS wants every patient to have an individual barcode to make sure people get the right medication and treatment while also increasing hospital efficiency and reducing paper use. To achieve that lofty goal, the agency is implementing GS1 barcode standards across its hospitals. [Tweet … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Adapt to Changes in the Workplace

Shot of two colleagues walking and talking during a coffee break at work

There are those of us who embrace change with every fiber of our being, and there are those of us who become frightened at the very thought of it. Change enables us to break monotony. Change encourages skills growth, promotes new ways of thinking and presents new opportunities for our organisations. … [Read more...]