Reduce the cost of human error with scanning barcodes

Reduce human error

It was recently reported in the Mail Online on 4th March 2013 that a pharmacy gave a man medication to treat diabetes, instead of the steroids he required to treat his chest infection by mistake. Following two rushes to hospital, after taking the medication and feeling unwell, his wife researched … [Read more...]

Time and Attendance – Flexible working made easy


The current difficult financial climate and advances in technology has resulted in a growth in remote flexible working. As the Government presses ahead with plans to make flexible working available to all workers, businesses are feeling the strain to put processes in place to manage the growing … [Read more...]

How influential is your new business online?

Influence online

You have started a new business, set up a fantastic new website, signed up to various social media sites and developed a blog. Whilst you sit there feeling pretty pleased with yourself for the amount you have achieved with setting up your new business, what do you do now with the online marketing … [Read more...]