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Database Software

Database Software

Programming using database software is generally the easiest approach to take when developing simple database accessing applications. Practically anyone can begin "programming" using database software. If more complex programs are necessary, Visual Basic or Visual C/C++ could be an alternate choice.

Most PC databases such as FoxPro, Microsoft Access, etc, support Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) allowing a common connectivity link between an application and a database. If the database were to be ported to another database platform supporting ODBC, then only the links have to be changed and not the code.

Most of these database software utilities now have built-in Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools to quickly develop software applications such as tracking, inventory, or fixed asset programs. With these applications specifically, complex algorithms are not usually necessary and, therefore, only access to database and a GUI presentation is required.

Generally these database utilities have visual development tools to drag objects (for example, a link into a particular database) onto form(s) which display the GUI screen(s). Even though this might seem technical at first, most of the database programming utilities have been designed specifically for the non-technical individual. Probably the most complicated decision is to decide what is to be included in the database itself.