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Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance

Time and attendance packages have become very popular in the last decade. Not only are they the best way to keep track of employee hours, but many solutions now exists that can be loaded directly onto existing platforms such as a PC. Stand-alone or network versions are available that fit almost any application.

Time and attendance information can be sorted by department, provide detailed reports, track vacation, sick leave, and/or holidays, as well as other advanced features. Such information when combined with sales data or phone statistics can balance profit and service considerations for most companies.

Most time and attendance software packages are loaded directly onto a PC and are network compatible. The software is generally written for both DOS and Windows applications and most systems have the ability to support an external timeclock. The electronic timeclocks usually connect via a serial port on the PC and include magnetic stripe or bar code type readers which must be specified when ordering. The timeclocks may also have a keypad to manually clock-in or clock-out.