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Moving Target Apps

Moving Target Applications

There are as many different tracking applications with many different solutions to offer. This section will deal primarily with tracking packages, pallets, vehicles, equipment, etc. without the necessity to stop movement. RF/ID uses proximity readers for "on-the-fly" movement applications which are extremely accurate. Proximity readers are designed for any applications where an individual or equipment will be in a close proximity but not in direct contact with an access control device or tag reader. As an example, many car owners can now purchase toll tags which are usually applied to the corner of windshields allowing drivers to drive straight through toll booths without stopping to deposit any money.

Other common applications for proximity readers include access control and time and attendance. Proximity readers have a range from about 6 inches to 6 feet and function the same as most card access systems. When used with time and attendance software, the proximity readers can be installed at all entrance points to record movement in and out of the building. No more punching in or out is required. The time and attendance procedure could now be performed automatically.