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MobileAsset v 5.5 patch

MobileAsset v 5.5 patch fixes the following problems:

1) Non-admin user password can be inadvertently set to blank via the 'Change Password' Dialog.
2) Contract/License New/Edit Dialog - Assets cannot be removed from the association list if there are inactive assets associated with the contract/license.


MobileAsset v 5.5 patch adds the following features:

1) A warning message will pop up when disposing assets that are assoicated with active contracts.


Determine which patch you will need, please check the version of MobileAsset that you are currently running.
If you are upgrading from MobileAsset 5.0 or 5.1.x, use this link:


Quick Details
File Name: MobileAsset.exe
Version: 5.5
Date Published: 2/16/2009
Language: English
Download Size: 473 MB



If you are upgrading from MobileAsset 5.2 or newer, use this link:


Quick Details
File Name: MobileAsset_Patch_5x.exe
Version: 5.5
Date Published: 2/16/2009
Language: English
Download Size: 117 MB



How to apply the patch:

MobileAsset Standard or Professional: On each of the client machine, run the patch program. It should bring the programs to the latest. On the database server, if only database is installed, there is no need to run the patch, since the database is updated with one of the client machine patching. If the programs also reside on the database server, then shall run the patch program on database server too.


MobileAsset Enterprise: If you have Enterprise edition, please download the enterprise db installer and run it on your database server.


MobileAsset v 5.4 patch

MobileAsset v 5.4 patch fixes the following problems:

1) All reports will crash on certain Windows Vista operating system, and forcibly shut down application.
2) Process Mobile Data - Maintenance transactions fail to process if transactions asset has the same asset tag as an asset that has been disposed.
3) In case there are more than 10 site/location entries in the recent value table, there is a logic error to populate the Unique List. Error: outside of boundary
4) Fix a bug that supplier's fax number is saved as contact's cell number
5) Fix number of contract counts in the asset list
6) Allow user to import and enter conditions, recreate conditions that they have previously orphaned (which no longer in use so our store procedure set it to inactive.)
7) Dispose - Not able to dispose an asset after processing mobile device data
8) When the custom filter is wrong, the transaction form crashes.
9) When resetting grid settings, also remove form settings in case it is corrupt.



MobileAsset v 5.3 patch

MobileAsset v 5.3 (Build 5/21/2008) patch fixes the following problems:

1) The installation would require a reboot if it is an upgrade of the pro edition, to restart the license manager properly.
2) If user choose to send down an empty database, then we automatically clear out the mobile data snapshot.
3) Fixed the lack of memory issue on the pocket pc device when processing large amount of data from PC.
4) Fixed the "mobile device program failed to start up" error, if the application is installed under a different path other than default location.
5) Fixed the "file mismatch" error after upgrading from MobileAsset 5.1.2.
6) Same code base change as to Wasp Nest 8.1.
7) If user chooses to install an empty database to mobile device, we automatically clean the snap shot data.
8) A batch file is added under the SQLExpress 2005 folder so user can manually install SQL Server Express if the wasp default password doesn’t meet their password policy
9) During upgrading from v4.x , we automatically rename the old upgrade folder under Database as to minimize confusion.
10) During patch process, installer requires a reboot for pro users, so license manager can start correctly.



MobileAsset v 5.2 patch

MobileAsset v 5.2 patch adds the following features:

1) Redesigned and implemented Windows Mobile/CE device synchronization process instead of relying on ActiveSync File Sync.
2) Supports Windows Vista operating system.
3) Increased software demo period from 10 days to 30 days.
4) Last Audit Date is added to the asset list.
5) A general menu named [Reset All Grid Settings] is added to the main window under File to allow user to reset grid settings for all grids.
6) Not Audited Assets Report.rpt: add filter by last audit date.
7) On the check in and check out transactions, would like to have it retain the setting to print 1 copy rather than reverting back to 0 each time.
8) Supports Windows Mobile 5 and Windows CE 5.x devices.


MobileAsset v 5.2 patch fixes the following problems:

1) When importing to either the Item or Asset table, you have the option to map to the Category column, but it does not actually populate with the information that was imported.

2) PC change not automatically synced to PPC.

3) Next maintenance schedule Date calculation is wrong if Maint Start date is set to a past time.

4) New Contracts should be able to select multiple associated assets at one time.

5) Contract List - Vendor ID should not appear in the list (it is appearing in the hidden columns list).

6) PPC Mobile Filter of Location, sends more locations down than the filter specifies.

7) The installer should tell download user to get ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center from Microsoft web site.

8) Create Mobile DB: SQL Error when selecting too many locations using Now gives message (not sql error) "The filter you specified is too long. Please select a few less items or use as your filter."

9) Carriage return in item description breaks unprocessed mobile data records.

10) Deleted catogery cannot be reused.

11) Deleted locations are sent down to PPC. Now delete an asset, then delete the location that it was connected to on the PC, sent down the database and location nor asset deleted show on PPC.

12) All delete transactions on PC are not reflected on mobile device.

13) WPA 206 add transactions are shown as done by admin although in reality it is done by other user.

14) When scanning a new asset the auto tab feature doesn't work in the Location field and the Asset type field.

15) While using Custom Fields, if he adds a new asset on the handheld, then immediately edits that asset to add something in the custom field, that edit is not reflected until after the device is synced. all other edits show up immediately.

16) Advanced Find on Warranty Begin Date, Depreciation Begin Date and Purchase Date fields in Asset List doesn't work.

17) Search employee by department is not working.

18) User with dispose asset disabled cannot do maintenance on PPC.

19) When performing a Simple Find in the Contracts table I receive an error message and then Mobile Asset crashes and closes.

20) Application now checks exe version against database version to ensure the right app running on the right database.

21) Import Error if Contract is created without selecting a Vendor.

22) Import Error when Contract created with "No End Date" selected.

23) Edit Asset -> Contract tab - Add a contract shows internal supplier_id instead of Vendor Number value.

24) A bug in the UI allowed asset linking to create a looped link.

25) Administration - User Privilege "New" unchecked allows creating new customer and employee through check out screen.

26) New Asset Type on WPA206 shows "Items" table in Process Data instead of "Asset Type" table.

27) created 1 asset with all the fields maxed out and sent database to WPA206 "Error executing sql statement" shows on PPC.

28) Install vmVista - gives error "To Do: <> file has stopped working" with SatForm Run Time v6.11 in background.

29) Asset List - Duplicate Asset does not duplicate the Contracts on original Asset.

30) Add a new user will result in several reports missing from the tree, namingly the transaction history and add report.

31) Admin - Options - Allow Dup Serial # description uses Item ID instead of Asset.

32) Asset Mgmt - Maint - deleting a "maintenance entry" gives Error in Application.

33) Check Out - Error - select from employee or customer when logged in as User with New unchecked.

34) PPC - check out due time should be rounded to the nearest 15 increments instead of always at 12 am.

35) Truncate log after creating/upgrading database.

36) Set Administration > Options > Close New Form to be YES (Unchecked).







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