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Customer Success: Last Mile Health

"AssetCloud can be accessed from different locations with no confusion. The improvement we saw over our old system of using pen and paper made a huge difference for us in the field. I would recommend using AssetCloud to other nonprofits and organizations because of how easy it is to use."
- Alvin B. Menyon Jr., Last Mile Health
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The Client

Last Mile Health

Mission Statement

Last Mile Health saves lives in the world’s most remote communities.

About the Organization

The nonprofit organization originally formed its mission following a more than decade long violent civil war. As a result, the country was left with a severely insufficient health infrastructure and inadequately trained health professionals responsible for 4 million people who were threatened by numerous diseases, including Ebola.

Currently, most of Last Mile Health’s lifesaving work takes place in three remote counties across Liberia, but the nonprofit envisions expanding its mission across the globe to bring healthcare to one billion people in remote regions.

The Challenge

Last Mile Health must keep track of costly investments in the field, such as mobile phones, solar panels, and power banks. For years, according to Alvin B. Menyon Jr. of Last Mile Health, the organization “tracked their assets by hand, on paper, and also using spreadsheets.”

“Doing all this manually affected our ability to track assets, as well as the distribution of assets in remote areas,” he says. “It caused a lot of confusion in the field.” Additionally, managing assets in remote communities, with limited to no internet connectivity, made finding a technology solution challenging, to say the least.

The Solution

Once Last Mile Health adopted Wasp Barcode Technologies’ cloud-based asset management software, the cumbersome, error-prone task of tracking and managing the organization’s mission-critical assets changed dramatically.

Easy to Scale

“Last Mile Health has over 200 staff members tracking over 1,500 unique fixed assets, and we plan to add more assets from more locations as we expand.”

Easy to Use

“After years of tracking assets manually on paper and in spreadsheets, it was helpful for us to be able to quickly import all of thatinformation to the cloud.”

Easy to Implement

“We can use the mobile app with our existing iOS and Android devices with or without internet or cellular connectivity, which is a rare feature in the rural areas where we operate.”

The Result

“The improvement we saw over our old system of using pen and paper made a huge difference for us in the field,” said Menyon Jr. With Wasp’s AssetCloud, Last Mile Health has an asset management solution that can be used practically anywhere their mission takes them and scaled as the nonprofit works to bring healthcare to remote communities in need across the globe.

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